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  • truck roof rack

    Benefits of Installing a Truck Roof Rack

    Benefits of Installing a Truck Roof Rack How to haul more stuff is the never-ending puzzle with work trucks, isn’t it? What a relief it would be if we could use a crane or something and just plop the whole office on the back of a big flatbed. But alas,…

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  • vehicle vinyl wrap

    4 Awesome Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Ideas

    Is your company vehicle feeling a bit dull?  Are you lacking branding or looking to stand out from the crowd? Maybe you just haven’t customized your work vehicles yet. If so, it’s the perfect time to do a custom vinyl wrap on your vehicle. We’ll explore a few great options…

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  • plumbing van

    Designing a Plumbing Van for Your Plumbing Business

    Not all work vehicles are created equal. In fact, they’re often a one size fits all sort of deal. So when you need a plumbing van, an ordinary “work van” is often the solution. That’s where Pacific Truck Colors comes in. Completely customize your work van to fit your needs.…

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  • truck accessories

    Our Top 5 Favorite Truck Accessories

    You bought your pickup truck for carrying things. Sometimes those things are outside the truck; sometimes they’re inside the truck. Although many pickup trucks are perfectly capable of doing almost anything we ask, certain truck accessories make us much more efficient at performing specific tasks.  Which ones are best to…

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  • fleet vehicle

    Maintenance and Repairs for Your Fleet Vehicle

    Fleet vehicle repair and maintenance is a hassle. Even a small company that theoretically only needs one vehicle can quickly find itself in the market for a second, if just to take up the slack when the first is in the shop. But for a larger outfit with a fleet…

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  • how long does paint last

    How Long Does Automotive Paint Last?

    In the world of auto paints, there are basically two types of paint: acrylic and urethane. Acrylic paint was standard up until the 1960s, when urethane took over. Acrylic is water or oil-based while urethane is solvent-based. Acrylic Acrylic lacquer paint is the oldest type of auto paint, is the…

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  • work vans

    What Are The Best Work Vans?

    The trouble with selecting a work van is that they’re all made to be as close to one-size-fits-all as possible. After all, what manufacturer can afford to customize an entire line of work vans specifically for painters? or landscapers? or construction? That’s why we have work van customization. On paper,…

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  • 3m vinyl wrap

    3M Vinyl Wraps: What You Need to Know

    A 3M vinyl wrap is one of the most interesting, attractive mods you can outfit your car with. There are some things to be aware of before you do, though. If you go in blind, it could be done badly and/or deteriorate too quickly. Cheap Work Ain’t Good Having a…

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  • best pickup truck accessories for business

    The Best Pickup Truck Accessories for Business – Pt. 2

    More than any other, the best reason to buy a pickup truck–whether for professional or personal use–is preparedness. Capability. But pickup truck accessorizers have an entire subculture to themselves and if you just want to improve your truck for work, you might get lost in all the ideas. In our…

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  • custom semi trucks

    Custom Semi Trucks: Know Your Options

    Custom semi trucks can be modified in a million ways. The options are vast and it is hard to know where to start and even what is beneficial. Some customizations are an expression of style while others can make a big difference to your business marketing and overall vehicle performance.…

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