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Models and Info: Enclosed Service Truck Bodies

Models and Info: Enclosed Service Truck Bodies
December 13, 2018 TheHoth
enclosed service truck bodies

Purchasing an enclosed service truck is not easy.  There are dozens of different models and sizes to choose from.

Each profession has different needs to be met, for example, an ambulatory service company needs enough space to treat a victim. Another profession, such as an electrician, may require additional storage on the side of the truck.

Read on for more information on enclosed service body trucks. Explore various different models to find which one meets your needs.

What Industries Use Enclosed Service Body Trucks?

This type of vehicle is ideal for blue-collar professions. A few professions that come to mind are electricians, plumbers, and construction workers. The growing food truck industry also employs enclosed service trucks.

The concept behind this vehicle is a mobile workshop. The truck is capable of protecting and storing all of your tools and equipment.

The workspace and storage needs are fully customizable. The truck’s interior can be designed specifically to meet the service needs of the company.

What Types of Trucks Are Available?

In general, there are 3 types of enclosed bodies. Each different type offers unique advantages to their customers.

Aluminum Service Trucks

The first enclosed body type is aluminum. This is an environmentally friendly option. Not only is recycled aluminum is used, but aluminum also offers reduced fuel consumption. It is a lighter material than steel. The rule of thumb is that every 10 percent in weight reduction results in 5.5 percent fuel savings.

Various heights are available to meet your company’s needs. If you plan to perform work in the interior, standing room is a must. Heights up to 72″ starting from the vehicle’s chassis, not the ground, are commonplace.

Steel Service Trucks

Does your company require a strong and more durable material? If so, steel is the perfect alternative to aluminum.

Steel is preferable for companies that work in harsh weather environments. Specialized primers with a powder-coated finish are employed for maximum paint protection.

Panel Bodies

A panel body is another type that utilizes aluminum or steel material. Doors and storage compartments on the vehicle feature hidden latches.

These compartments are designed for road-side access to the interior. You may see T-handle locks for theft protection and pneumatic strut lift-up panels for quality.

Other Factors to Consider

Besides enclosure type and storage design, there are a few other factors to consider. If you work at night or use the interior as a workspace, make sure the enclosure has proper lighting.

Another factor to inquire about is whether the enclosure is covered under warranty. Service trucks can take a beating and you need protection in the event of a serious issue.

Also, ease of access into the interior may be a consideration. Some consumers prefer low-to-ground interior access.

This partially depends on the chassis height. However, the location of the access doors in the rear can also affect access height.

Wrapping It Up

Selecting an enclosed service body truck is a major investment for your business. Before choosing the right enclosure, ensure that service requirements have been thoroughly researched.

This will help reach decisions on enclosure type and height. If you are interested in customizing the interior of your service truck, please contact us to schedule an appointment today.