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The Advantages of Using a Custom Truck Body for Business

The Advantages of Using a Custom Truck Body for Business
January 10, 2019 TheHoth
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In the United States alone, there are approximately 28 million small businesses up and running. Each business runs in a different way and has different operating needs.

If you’re in the service sector, you probably don’t need to focus on finding a large office space. Your clients don’t come to you…you go to them!

You need a way to get to your team and your gear to your clients so you can solve their problems quickly. And nothing helps more than a custom truck.

Wondering if a custom truck body is worth the investment for your company?

Here are a few advantages of ditching standard body options and designing your own work-specific truck.

A Custom Truck Lets You Haul All Your Gear

When you buy a standard work truck, you’re limited to the cargo areas the manufacturer designed.

For some businesses, this is enough. But for others, it forces them to tow a trailer or prioritize tools just to make it to the job site.

You can design a custom truck body to accommodate whatever type of storage you need. Want secure compartments? Consider it done!

Allows for Permanently Mounted Tools

If your business requires an integrated air compressor, winch, or other large pieces of equipment, a standard truck just isn’t practical.

Fitting large equipment onto a pre-designed truck body eats into your cargo space. Worse, it makes it hard to secure that equipment so it won’t go missing while you’re parked.

A custom truck body can handle any type of equipment you need without compromising security or storage.

Improves Safety Ratings

Standard trucks and vans meet the manufacturer’s safety standards. Though these are good enough for most applications, they may not be ideal for your needs.

Different types of custom truck bodies allow you to customize safety for your business.

With custom vehicles, you can change the structure of the truck bed, lower the body, and make the truck more stable on the road.

If you’re keeping heavy equipment or tons of small items in the truck bed all the time, you can build security latches into the design.

The only limit is your imagination and your budget for that perfect work vehicle.

Reduces Unexpected Repairs and Maintenance

Custom work trucks need to fit your business. If you’re going off-road with heavy tools, a standard work truck will see more wear and tear. Over time, it may need to be replaced sooner than you’d like.

Worse, it can leave your operating budget in shambles. After all, the average commuter car’s suspension costs between $488 and $597 to repair. That number can be higher for more substantial trucks.

Custom truck bodies can be reinforced for your unique business.

Need added suspension? Worried about heavy loads in the truck bed damaging the body? A custom design can address those problems easily.

Over time you’ll save money on unexpected wear and tear, maintenance, and premature vehicle replacements.

Create Your Ideal Custom Truck

Nothing makes your business stand out like a custom van or truck. Take a look at your current fleet and see what needs improvement. All it takes is a bit of imagination.

Ready to start designing the perfect custom truck for your business? Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation and spare yourself the headache of a normal work truck.