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Collision & Body Repair

We know you're a great driver. When other drivers hit you, we'll make sure you get straightened up and back on the road as soon as possible.

portland collision repair

Choose the Best Portland Collision Repair Shop

With over 15 years of fleet service experience, our Van and Truck Collision Repair Department in Portland is staffed and equipped to handle all your repair needs. We are experienced in handling all sizes of vehicles, from your F150’s to your Pete 375’s, Box Trucks, & Trailers.

When it comes to collision work, there are two problems commonly faced by fleet managers. First, hidden damage can exist but go unnoticed to the untrained or inexperienced eye. Secondly, this results in a final bill far above what was reflected in the initial estimate.

At PTC, we will do a thorough inspection and tear down prior to providing you with an estimate. We know what to look for, and we want to take all the mystery out of your collision repair. Our commitment to honest communication makes all the difference. Fill out our quick form to request a quote and we’ll contact you to schedule an inspection.

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