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A Guide to Adrian Steel Ladder Racks

A Guide to Adrian Steel Ladder Racks
January 12, 2023 TheHoth
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If you’re looking to upfit your work trucks or vans to boost your productivity, Adrian Steel products are definitely worth checking out. Their ladder racks are widely considered to be the best of the best. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some of our favorite Adrian Steel products to help you make the best possible investment for your fleet. We have many years of experience installing Adrian Steel ladder racks and other storage solutions under our belts, so keep our shop in Portland, Oregon in mind if you need help customizing your van or truck! 

Why Adrian Steel

We are a proud vendor and longtime partner of Adrian Steel and stand behind their products 100%! Here are some of the key reasons why we recommend Adrain Steel products:

  • More than 60 years of experience in manufacturing
  • More than 1 million vehicles upfitted
  • Extensive testing for safety, quality, and durability, with testing methods that include a wide range of rough terrain 
  • Manufactured domestically in the United States
  • Expansive network of distribution and installation partners across the country 

About Adrian Steel Company

Adrian Steel is a top-rated manufacturer of truck and van equipment. Since 1953, they have grown to be a leader in the industry. They now offer a wide range of work vehicle parts and accessories, including ladder racks, partitions, shelving, drawers, cabinets, and other cargo accessories. 

Adrian Steel Ladder Racks: Our Top Picks

Released in 2022, the Adrian Steel PROFILE™ Ladder Rack Series is a serious game-changer. These ladder racks are some of the most functional and ergonomic ladder racks on the market. Compared to similar drop-down ladder racks, they are up to 50% easier to operate! 

The construction of these ladder racks is also top-tier; they’re made of ultra-lightweight aluminum with stainless steel hardware and a highly-durable powder-coat finish. Aluminum is only one-third the weight of steel, so it’s the best type of material for ladder racks and helps protect your payload. With a new modular design, these ladder racks can be adapted to fit almost any work truck or van and can be easily modified for specific utility use.

There are many different options to choose from in this series, including the following:  

ProLift™ Ladder Racks: With high-performing spring assist struts, your team members will be able to raise and lower ladders effortlessly without having to worry about back or shoulder injuries. This is the safest and best option for operators who use their ladder racks daily. 

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Grip-Lock Ladder Racks: This ladder rack is designed to grip your ladder rungs and lock your ladder securely into place. It’s very versatile and a great option for operators who use their ladder racks several times a week. 

grip lock ladder racks

HD Utility Racks: If you’re looking to add additional storage on top of your work trucks or vans for multiple ladders, lumber, scaffolding, conduit, and other bulky cargo, this is probably the best choice. You can customize these racks by selecting the number of crossbars, a specific mounting kit, uprights, and extra accessories. 

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Interior Ladder Storage: Adrian Steel also offers flexible internal ladder storage options, including interior ladder racks and ladder keepers. This is a good option for vehicles operating in harsh climates or high-theft-risk areas. 

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Benefits of Ladder Rack

Investing in high-quality ladder racks for your fleet is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to customize your vehicles and level up your productivity. Ladder racks can transform your day-to-day in these ways

  • Making the transportation of large and heavy materials more convenient and efficient. 
  • Reducing the risk of injury while loading and unloading, making the day-to-day easier and less straining for your team. 
  • Improving safety by keeping your cargo and equipment more secure while you’re on the road. 
  • Freeing up space in the vehicle interior or truck bed for other cargo and equipment. With this simple addition, you can double the cargo capacity of your fleet! 

Adrian Steel Ladder Rack Installation

Many Adrian Steel ladder racks offer no-drill installation, which makes installation easier and helps keep your work vehicles in pristine condition and protect your investment. For example, the ProLift ladder racks use OEM mounting locations on the roof so that no drilling is required. 

If you’re looking for professional ladder rack installation services for any Adrian Steel products, we’re certified and ready to help! Our installers have over 75 years of combined experience to ensure that your ladder rack installation is top-quality. 

Your Trusted Adrian Steel Supplier

Pacific Truck Colors is an authorized, full-line distributor of Adrian Steel products and we’ve earned an Adrian Steel Gold Certification. Our truck and van customization services in Portland help you to keep your vehicles organized and eventually increase your workflow efficiencies and reduce inventory damages. 

In addition to Adrian Steel, we also carry other fine brands such as Stellar, Knapheide, and Weather Guard to level up your entire fleet of work trucks and vans. Request a free quote to learn more!