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2023 RAM 5500 Stellar TMAX 1-11 For Sale

2023 RAM 5500 Stellar TMAX 1-11 For Sale
June 4, 2024 Truck Colors Blog
RAM truck for sale

Work Ready Truck for Sale:

2023 RAM 5500 Stellar TMAX 1-11

Upgrade your fleet instantly with our meticulously crafted 2023 RAM 5500 Stellar TMAX 1-11, AVAILABLE NOW. This truck is a powerhouse, featuring Stellar’s renowned Torq-Isolator Crane Support Design, an aluminum extruded top for easy accessory additions, and a robust double-panel aluminum tailgate for enhanced durability.

With its complete undercoating and customizable options, this truck is ready to tackle any job you throw its way. Plus, as your trusted partner, PTC can further upgrade this Stellar truck to meet your specific needs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to instantly level up your fleet! Call 503-692-7247 or contact us online for pricing details and customization options.