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What to Look for in Fleet Maintenance Services

What to Look for in Fleet Maintenance Services
October 19, 2018 TheHoth
fleet maintenance services

Without adequate fleet maintenance services, your business will be destined to fail. Their aim is to keep your vehicles on the road, reduce operating costs, help you follow industry regulations, and maintain the vehicle’s resale value.

Every company with commercial vehicles understands the danger of neglecting their fleet operations, that’s why by 2020, it is expected 39.2 percent of non-privately owned commercial vehicles will be using fleet management systems.

Such systems allow companies to use vehicle-tracking services and provide data logging and communication services. Yet, their most important feature is highlighting the need for maintenance.

But how does a company find the best fleet maintenance services? Keep reading to learn what to look for.

Aspects of Fleet Maintenance Services

One of the telltale signs your fleet needs maintenance is flashing warning lights. Other signs include braking issues, engine noises, and poor performance. You might even notice colored or excessive exhaust smoke.

These issues are under the purview of fleet maintenance services. So, what should you look for when choosing a provider? Here are several aspects of the best services:

1. Preventive Maintenance

The best providers offer preventative maintenance and have a fleet vehicle maintenance checklist to reference. This helps them spot and fix vehicle issues before they can get out of hand.

2. Collision Repair

Due to the nature of the trucking industry, your fleet may get caught up in an accident. Fleet maintenance experts provide collision repair services that are thorough and detailed and have the training and experience to identify and fix hidden damages.

3. Vehicle Customization

Next, look for a company that provides vehicle customization as these modifications extend the life of the vehicle.

This can be through wrapping the car body, thereby protecting it from scratches. Or they can strengthen the truck bodies thereby protecting the suspension and tires. It can even be about adding utilities, such as a crane, to allow your fleet to haul more cargo.

In turn, these changes prevent new maintenance issues from arising. Plus, it ensures your fleet works more efficiently with fewer breakdowns.

4. Maintenance Scheduling and Servicing

The company you choose should be able to come up with a fleet maintenance program by checking the fleet servicing requirements and creating a plan. This keeps some of your trucks operating while others are getting serviced.

At the same time, they will ensure none of your vehicles are in the field when service is due. Otherwise, there is a risk of your vehicles getting in an accident due to faulty parts.

5. Outlining Maintenance Policies

Last, the fleet maintenance provider should help you create maintenance policies which will guide your drivers on how to care for the vehicles.

For example, one of your policies could be about checking tire pressure often. Bad tire pressure can increase the wear and tear on your tires and suspension while also affecting your vehicle’s handling.

Learn More About Fleet Management and Modification

As you can see, the best fleet maintenance services will solve many issues for you. They will handle preventive maintenance, collision repair, and vehicle customization. Moreover, they will schedule checkups, provide servicing, and outline maintenance policies.

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