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Excellent Examples of Truck Service Bodies: Know Your Options

Excellent Examples of Truck Service Bodies: Know Your Options
November 23, 2018 TheHoth
truck service bodies

Ask any contractor about some of the things that make their work easier, and they’ll most likely include their service trucks on the list.

So when it comes to stepping up or replacing the truck service bodies, quality pays for itself in terms of durability and usability.

But with all the truck bodies looking similar, how do you know which service body will efficiently meet your needs?

Read on to find out which service truck body is right for you.

1. Steel Service Truck Bodies

These truck bodies feature heavy-duty rugged steel construction that offers protection from the outside elements and enhance durability.

With ample external storage, they’re efficient at optimizing your daily tasks.

They come with multiple components that allow you to stay organized as well as access tools and equipment without having to climb into the service truck beds.

2. Aluminum Truck Service Beds

Made with military-grade aluminum, these truck bodies are increasingly popular due to their lightweight construction, fuel savings, and ease on the truck’s drive train.

But lightweight doesn’t mean light duty. The aluminum bodies are just as durable and tough as steel bodies.

Additionally, aluminum is rust- and corrosion-resistant – ensuring your truck looks good for years to come. This saves you the cost of regular bodywork.

3. Crane Service Truck Bodies

These service bodies are reinforced with crane applications for lifting operations.

From mining to construction, these cranes can handle just about any heavy-duty task.

They’re built to withstand the torsional forces applied to the truck during heavy lifting, making them safe to use.

Depending on your industry, choose a crane that works for you.

4. Fiberglass Truck Bodies

Fiberglass truck service bodies are lighter than the aluminum bodies.

Their lightweight construction translates to improved gas mileage and better hauling capacity of the truck’s chassis. This means less wear on your truck and huge savings in mechanical repairs.

Additionally, trucks with these bodies are easier to handle, reducing the chances of accidents.

Even though fiberglass isn’t as strong as steel, it holds up well in all weather conditions. It also doesn’t corrode or rust, making it an ideal choice for hauling wet cargo.

5. Contractor Service Bodies

Contractor truck bodies are widely popular because of their multiple storage compartments and spacious beds for effective organization.

These features make them applicable to a wide variety of industries.

Most contractor bodies are lockable to ensure your tools and equipment are safe and secure.

6. Temperature-Controlled Truck Bodies

These are used to carry items that need to be regulated at a certain temperature like food and medicine.

Because they require constant regulation, they’re quite expensive to maintain.

Consider Custom Service Truck Bodies

By reviewing the choices above, you can easily find the right truck body for your business.

If none of these basic truck service bodies suits your specific needs, it’s recommended to go for custom truck bodies.

For top-notch truck body customization, Pacific Truck Colors has got you covered.