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Your Commercial Truck Repair Checklist to Maintain Your Fleet

Your Commercial Truck Repair Checklist to Maintain Your Fleet
March 7, 2019 TheHoth
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Commercial trucks travel over 270 million miles a year. There are thousands of commercial trucks on the road at any given time.

If you have a commercial truck, you know the importance of keeping it in top shape. Not keeping up with the repairs can cost you money and put your safety in danger.

Want to make sure your commercial truck is in the best shape? Check out this commercial truck repair checklist so your truck is never off the road.

Brake System

Whenever you brake, you’re putting several tons of pressure on the brakes.

It’s important that drivers pay really close attention to the brakes of their commercial trucks. Reliable brakes are a necessity for commercial trucks.

You should take the truck for routine brake checks. Once the truck starts to vibrate or squeal, it means your truck is due for service. It’s best not to wait until the truck reaches that point.

Electrical and Wiring System

The electrical and wiring systems are responsible for all the lights such as flashers, warning lights, turn signals, brake lights, and any other electrical function.

Make sure you add the electrical system to your repair list when you take your commercial truck for service.


If you notice any fluid leaks on the pavement, you need to take your truck in for service. There are many fluids that can leak such as oil, fuel, coolant, antifreeze, and many more.

Having the proper fluid levels is key to having a reliable commercial truck.


Having the right tire pressure in your commercial truck is essential to extend the life of the tires.

Make sure when you repair or perform preventative maintenance on your tires you comply with the requirement specific to your truck.

Aside from paying attention to the tire pressure, you also need to check the treads.


Since trucks have a high-power engine, the radiator is responsible for keeping the right temperature. In order to evaluate whether or not the radiator needs repairing, drivers should spend a few minutes before each trip looking at the radiator.

Spotting leaks and other problems with the radiator means a less costly radiator repair.

Grease Moving Points

Commercial trucks have many parts that need to be properly greased.

Whenever you take your commercial truck in for service, ensure they inspect all the grease moving points.

Regularly greasing the moving points will also help catch other problems with the commercial truck that may not have been apparent at first.

Fuel Vent

You should add the fuel vent to your truck repair checklist. A blocked vent might cause inaccurate fuel readings, which can lead to further performance issues with the engine.

To prevent large repairs to the fuel vent, you should inspect the vent every time your truck sits for a few days at a time.

Commercial Truck Repair Checklist: The Bottom Line

We hoped this commercial truck repair checklist has given you an idea of the things you need to look out for. Remember to focus on the tires, breaks, moving points, electrical system, and more.

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