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How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?
March 14, 2019 TheHoth
how much does it cost to wrap a truck

Worldwide outdoor advertising reached $38 billion in 2018. That’s up three percent from the year before.

The use of outdoor advertisements is growing because of the saturation of digital ads. There’s so much digital noise out there, and businesses can’t be sure who is clicking on their ads – it could easily be a bot.

On the other hand, outdoor ads engage real audiences when they are most likely to pay attention – commuting, walking or having lunch for example.

One of the best ways to capitalize on outdoor advertising is through vehicle graphics. With a truck wrap, you can advertise your business wherever you go.

But how much does it cost to wrap a truck? Read on to find out.

Truck Size Determines Vehicle Graphics Pricing

One of the biggest factors in the price of truck wraps is the size of your truck.

The larger the surface area, the higher the cost for a truck wrap.

A 4.2 m truck will cost about half the price of an 8.5 m truck. Of course, you also have to consider other factors such as how much of the truck will be wrapped.

How Much Of Your Truck Needs To Be Wrapped?

There are various types of vehicle wraps you can choose from. The one you choose will affect your total pricing.

A full wrap consists of the cabin, the sides and the rear doors of your truck. A partial wrap involves the sides and rear doors of a truck.

You also have the option to wrap just the cabin. Or you can focus your message with a custom paint job, graphics or decals on the doors of your truck.

With so many options, you can see how the pricing can change based on what type of vehicle wrap you’re looking for.

The Condition of Your Truck’s Paint

Vehicle wraps rely on your truck’s paint job being in good condition. This will make it easier and faster (and ultimately cheaper) to do a truck wrap.

If your truck’s paintwork is damaged, it will need additional prep work before the wrap can go on the truck.

Is Your Artwork Ready?

If you already have your artwork, including your logo, digitized and ready to go, the setup cost will be much lower.

On the other hand, if graphic design isn’t really your thing, at Pacific Truck Colors, our team can take your idea and turn it into reality.

Customization and Finish Types

The final factor that can affect the price of your truck wrap is the finish you choose. Chrome or glossy vehicle wraps have an extra cost due to special ink and materials.

Also, if you want special effects that will affect your total price.

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck?

As you can see there are many factors that will affect the cost of your truck wrap. Generally, the total cost of full truck wraps ranges between $3000-$5,000. But the price for your wrap can be higher or lower than this range depending on the details of your project.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only way to accurately answer the question ‘how much does it cost to wrap a truck’ is to get a customized quote.

At Pacific Truck Colors, we specialize in truck and van equipment sales, parts, service and installation, graphics, collision repair, and painting. Contact us today for all your fleet needs – even if it’s just one vehicle.

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