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3 Options for Customized Trucks That Can Help You Stand Out

3 Options for Customized Trucks That Can Help You Stand Out
April 14, 2018 TheHoth
custom dump truck

You could be getting free advertising every time one of your fleet trucks is driven. If you have a fleet and they aren’t customized trucks, you’re missing out on an advertising opportunity.

By customizing your trucks, you are advertising your business every time they are on the road.

Keep reading for three great ways you are missing out on making your business stand out from the competition.

1. Paint

Complete your company branding by having your truck fleet painted. If your company color is red, you could have all of your trucks painted red.

Get creative with your paint job. For example, if your company colors are blue and white, buy white trucks and have blue racing stripes painted on them.

Look for a paint company that uses high-quality paint products and techniques. You don’t want to have the added expense of touching up the paint jobs.

You’ll want to hire a company that has the experience and ability to paint large work trucks. They need to have a 40 or even 60-foot paint booth.

The benefits of paint are that it is durable and will last for many years to come. If your trucks get damaged repair is easy. You would only need to get the paint touched up.

2. Wraps and Graphics

Vinyl wraps and graphics are a great way to brand your customized trucks. They are cheaper than paint.

You have unlimited ability to customize the design. You are only limited by the shape and size of the truck you are putting the graphics on.

Wraps are easy and fast to have applied by a professional. The care of them is easy and they last for 10 years.

You have the ability to use your company’s logo and imagery. This makes your company’s fleet even more readily recognizable.

Be sure to choose an experienced company for the application. Ask if they have in-house designers who are experienced in designing vinyl for customed trucks.

Ask about the quality of vinyl they use and the process for applying it. You want your investment to last.

3. Equipped

Stand out from your competition by having high-quality tools and equipment. You can’t do a quality job if you don’t have the quality equipment to do the job.

The first two options make people notice you, this option makes them remember you. Customized trucks are more than just fancy paint and cool graphics.

Work with a company that has the capability and experience to install equipment tailored to your needs. Ask how long they have installed heavy equipment on work trucks. Ask what parts companies they work with.

You could have custom toolboxes, liftgates, hoists, canopies, hook lifts, dump bodies, and even electric and hydraulic cranes.

Make Your Fleet Customized Trucks

Whether you choose to paint or vinyl, your customized trucks will get attention on the road. Your customers will notice the superior job and well-equipped trucks.

The upfront investment to customize your fleet is worth the long-term benefits.

Request a quote today to make your fleet stand out from the competition.