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10 Service Truck Organization Ideas to Help You Operate Efficiently

10 Service Truck Organization Ideas to Help You Operate Efficiently
August 17, 2018 TheHoth
service truck organization ideas

Unless you are talking to a postmodern artist or a musician, most people will agree that being organized is a good thing. From the science of saving time not having to search for things, to the emotional benefits of feeling more productive (which leads to — you guessed it — actually being more productive), being organized is a must for your company…and company vehicles. Here are three benefits to keeping your fleet in order:

Organizing for Focus

Studies have shown that multitasking often reduces our focus even though it feels like we are accomplishing more. Constantly having to dig through bags and search under seats for tools can distract employees from staying committed to completing an excellent job. Being well-organized boosts focus and attention to detail, leaving your team well-suited to stay on the fast track to a smooth, quality job.

Operate Efficiently

Knowing where things are and where they go means less time searching for them and then looking for a spot to put them back. These means your employees work faster without sacrificing quality, which ultimately drives revenues up. On top of that, an employee that doesn’t need to exert brainpower to find his or her equipment will likely approach their work with a clearer head and even a higher level of motivation.

If you’ve been driving a service truck for any period of time, you know how messy it can get. This can become very inconvenient as your service truck is not only your transportation, but also your office.

Keeping things organized is essential for most professions, but especially for truck operators. Organization is the key to efficient operation.

If you’ve been wanting to get your truck more organized so that you can start working more efficiently in a less cluttered space, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these 10 service truck organization ideas to keep things running smoothly.

1. Remove Anything That Is Unnecessary

The first step to organizing anything is to remove all unnecessary clutter. Before you start to organize, and before you set up a new system, take the time to clean out your truck first.

2. Take Inventory

Once your vehicle is clean of all trash and clutter, take inventory of all the tools you have. Not only will this help you to get organized, but it’s also a great time to see if you need any new tools or appliances.

3. Consider Frequency

As you’re taking inventory, consider adding a category to your records of how frequently you use each tool. When you get to organizing your truck, it will be helpful to keep this information under consideration.

This way you can make the stuff you use most frequently more accessible.

4. Use Software

There are actually organization softwares that you can use to make a layout of your truck and create a new “floorplan” for it. Consider using this technology to design your new organization system.

5. Front And Back

You should have a clear separation between front space and back space. That could mean the front is for office materials and the back is for gear, or something else entirely. Just be sure to make that separation.

6. Leave Lots Of Room

Leave as much space as you can in your layout. You want enough room to move around and have easy access to things.

7. Start Big On The Bottom

You can create a “foundation” by placing larger and heavier gear at the bottom. This will help this gear stay secure and give you a good place to build up from.

8. Work Your Way Up

Then you just work your way up to the top. Use whatever space you can while still leaving room to comfortably move around.

9. Remember Doors Can Be Used

It’s important to remember that the doors to your truck can also provide storage space.

10. Add Lights

Finally, add some light. The standard lights in your truck won’t cut it for later jobs when it’s darker outside. You need to be able to see everything clearly.

Need More Service Truck Organization Ideas?

Hopefully, this list will help you to get your truck in order. If you’d like to learn more about service truck organization ideas, you can contact us and let us know!