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3 Signs It’s Time to Call an Auto Painting Service for Your Fleet

3 Signs It’s Time to Call an Auto Painting Service for Your Fleet
October 5, 2018 TheHoth
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Did you invest in a company car? There’s no denying how helpful it is, from offering free advertising to being a convenient way for your employees to get to your customers and clients.

Once you got used to having one car, you probably added a second or third – the more the merrier, right? But in order to keep benefiting from your fleet, you’ll want to keep them looking and performing in tip-top shape.

Something as simple as an auto painting service can keep your fleet looking amazing. But how can you tell when it’s time for a new paint job?

Keep reading to discover 3 signs it’s time to call an auto painting service.

1. Your Fleet Is Looking Battered

Do your company cars get driven a lot? Are they kept outside? They’ve probably sustained some scratches, fading, and peeling over time. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can affect the public’s image of you.

Company cars with your logo or name on it represents the business. So having a fleet of beat-up cars may make the public think you aren’t very professional or well put-together.

Take a step back and look at your fleet. If they look old and battered, you could benefit from auto body painting. Your cars will look as good as new, and customers will associate your brand with a more positive image.

2. You Want an Upgrade

Have you recently rebranded your company? Maybe you updated your logo, slogan, or color palette. Once these changes are made in one marketing item, you’ll want to update everything to create a cohesive image – and this includes your fleet.

If you changed your color palette or the colors in your logo, you may want to call car painting services to change the base color of your car. Making sure the car compliments your company’s color palette is important to ensure the logo looks great. The last thing you want is to paint an orange logo on a green car.

3. You Want to Sell Them

If some of your company cars are starting to break down, it could affect your business. It could cause your employees to miss important meetings or be late to big events due to car trouble.

At a certain point, it makes more sense to just sell your car and replace it rather than keep trying to fix it. But, who wants to buy a car with your company’s name plastered all over it? And you certainly don’t want someone you don’t know driving a car that represents your company.

Automotive painting services offer a quick and easy solution. You can remove that logo and get as much money as possible from your fleet.

Is It Time to Call an Auto Painting Service?

If your company owns a fleet of cars, you’ll want to ensure they’re always looking their best. Something as simple as a paint job can make a world of difference. Just follow our guide to learn when you should call an auto painting service.

Is your fleet ready for a new paint job? Contact us today to set up an appointment.