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Adding a Dump Truck to Your Fleet? Here’s What to Know about Dump Bodies

Adding a Dump Truck to Your Fleet? Here’s What to Know about Dump Bodies
February 14, 2019 TheHoth
dump bodies

Are you having trouble transporting and dumping your materials?

Well, a dump truck is what you need. Dump trucks easily transport and dump sand, gravel, topsoil, demolition waste, and other heavy materials.

But there’s more to dump bodies than just good painting and fancy labeling. They need to be well-fitted, strong, and sturdy.

Here are some important things to note before choosing a preferred dump body for your truck.

Build Quality

Dump bodies are mostly made of steel and aluminum.

Steel dump bodies are heavy and quite durable. However, their weight may reduce the vehicle’s drivability.

Aluminum dump bodies, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy fuel efficiency and quick transportation because they’re lighter. They’re also not corrosive, therefore, reducing costs in terms of painting.

To make an informed decision about the right metal for your dump bodies, you have to consider the type of materials you’ll be transporting and the distances you’ll be covering.

Weight Capacity

The load capacity of a dump truck translates to the weight and volume it’s able to handle. It’s important to haul materials according to the specified carrying capacity of the dump bodies to avoid unneeded wear and tear of your truck.

What’s more, dump trucks are restricted to travel on certain highways and bridges to reduce damage on federal roads. It’s important to research on the roads in your area with such restrictions before you start using your dump truck.

The maximum permittable weight in the country is 20,000 lbs for single axle and 34,000 lbs for tandem axles.

Before picking a dump bed, consider the weight of your vehicle. Ensure the total weight of your truck and dump body doesn’t go overboard, as this may limit the amount of load you can haul.

Dump Body Style

Truck service bodies come in different designs and have different features.

The traditional rectangle dump box has a full floor which allows a maximum spread of your materials. It also offers a low center of gravity compared to other body types. However, it has more corners than other types of dump boxes, making it more prone to dents and corrosion.

The half-round body has a curved shape that reduces impact when dumping materials. It can also hold more payload because of its lighter body.

The semi-elliptical dump box borrows its design from the traditional rectangle and the half-round truck bodies, raising the center of gravity of the truck and side height.

Platform dumps are basically flatbed bodies that you can use for dumping applications. If you’re planning to occasionally use your truck for dumping, this is the best option as it’s affordable and offers flexibility.

Get the Right Dump Bodies

Looking for the right commercial dump body can be quite tedious and stressful. It requires great scrutiny and paying attention to detail. When you consider the factors above, you’ll certainly get something worthwhile.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fleet, contact us for the best dump bodies.