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What to Look For in an Auto Body Shop for Your Fleet

What to Look For in an Auto Body Shop for Your Fleet
October 12, 2018 TheHoth
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If a fleet vehicle is in a collision, needs a service, or requires a new paint job, you’ll need to find a good auto body shop.

Delays to fleet repairs and customization can take your vehicles off the road for a while – and that can affect your bottom line. A good mechanic or body workshop will always be able to give you realistic timescales and prices so that you can plan ahead for any downtime (without taking on extra costs).

However, do you know how to find a reliable auto shop that provides great service and value for money?

Questions to Ask an Auto Body Shop for Your Fleet

Make sure you’re getting the best service possible for your fleet by asking an auto shop these questions first:

1. What Type of Parts Are Used for Repairs?

Does your body shop swear by cheaper after-market parts, or will they only use brand-certified ones?

If you choose cheaper after-market parts, the overall cost will be reduced, but it could affect the warranty on your fleet vehicle. However, a repair with a branded part could mean the vehicle is out of action for a longer period of time while the auto shop waits for parts delivery.

You should also find out if the body workshop is able to custom-make any unusual parts for repair or bespoke additions to your fleet.

2. What Is Your Warranty Policy?

If an auto shop doesn’t offer a warranty for repairs made to your fleet, walk away. You want to hire mechanics that have such confidence in their work that they are happy to offer a long warranty.

Find out what they do if your fleet vehicle has other warranties on it, such as from a dealership. It might be easier to use a local auto body repair shop – as long as no other warranties are voided in the process.

3. Can I Speak to Other Customers?

A happy customer is a willing customer: always ask for real testimonials from previous clients.

Anybody can write a testimonial for their website, so it’s important to find a way to speak to a real customer to make sure you’re hearing the truth. A good auto repair shop will have the details of customers who are happy to be contacted for testimonials.

At the very least, find an independent online review site that allows only verified customers to leave honest reviews, such as Reevoo or Feefo.

4. Do You Provide Rental or Loan Vehicles?

What happens when your fleet vehicle is in the shop? You can’t afford the downtime of your vehicle, especially at short notice such as after a collision.

Find out if the auto repair shop provides a loan vehicle as part of the repair service. If they don’t, check if they have a rental service you can use (ideally at a discount).

5. What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Check that the auto body repair shop is fully insured to work on your fleet vehicle. Otherwise, any accidental damage could cost you – instead of them.

A mechanic should have full coverage for accidental damage, and ideally additional coverage for unforeseen delays (such as delayed parts delivery) that could cost you otherwise.

6. Will You Provide Written Estimates and Quotes?

Whenever you need a repair or service on a fleet vehicle it’s important to get the estimate in writing. A written estimate is a way to compare prices before you commit to an auto body repair center. Find a few different estimates to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

A written quote will help your finance department to allocate the correct budget for the repairs, and prevent any additional fees. The quote is a contract and must be upheld by the mechanic: without the agreement in writing, an unscrupulous mechanic could charge you more than you agreed.

Find a Reliable Body Shop For Your Fleet Repairs

Whether you need just one truck repair or customization for a large multi-vehicle fleet, it’s important to find the right auto body shop for your needs. Asking the questions above will help you to decide if you’ve found the best mechanic for your fleet.

The good news is that, if you’re looking for auto body repair in Portland, we can help. Contact us today to find out how we can service and repair your fleet – no matter how large or small!