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Going the Extra Mile: The Awesome Benefits of Fuel Transfer Tanks

Going the Extra Mile: The Awesome Benefits of Fuel Transfer Tanks
February 7, 2019 TheHoth
fuel transfer tanks

You could – and people do – argue all day about the longest stretch between gas stations on highways in the US. You’ll get answers ranging from 100 to 200+ miles but the general point is, it’s a long stretch.

Some states are very big, very sparse, and yet still need to be crossed. That’s where fuel transfer tanks come into their own.

Never get caught short again – at least not with gas. Read on for why you need fuel transfer tanks for your fleet vehicles.

Benefit 1: Never Get Caught Out

When you’re in the business of getting things from Point A to Point B within an agreed timescale, getting caught without fuel is just not an option. For this reason, it’s impossible to oversell the benefit of gas transfer tanks.

They come in two options – connected to the main tank or standalone units.

The first allows you to use both tanks seamlessly. Once the factory fitted tank is finished, the transfer tanks kick in.

The second requires you to stop and pump gas from it into the truck’s existing tank. In terms of keeping you on the road with minimal disruption, the first option is a clear winner.

They are available in various options and build qualities, including plastic and aluminum fuel transfer tanks. Speak to the service shop team about what’s right for your business.

Benefit 2: Highly Customizable

Depending on the brand you choose, fuel transfer tanks are highly customizable for your vehicle. They can handle many different fuel types, including regular gas, diesel, and kerosene.

They’re secure and can be fitted to almost any type of truck when handled by a team experienced in truck modification.

Benefit 3: Predictable Fuel Costs

The more remote the gas station, the more expensive the gas.

Although you have a large initial outlay when you fill the tanks close to home, at least it’s a known cost. You’re also covered if there’s a roadblock and you have to take an alternative route.

Filling up before setting off allows you to budget accurately and keep your bottom line in check.

Benefit 4: Operate from Remote Locations

Rather than heading into a remote spot, your business might be based in one.

A fuel transfer tank will allow you to successfully run operations from where you are, rather than having to rely on larger vehicles with bigger tanks to transport your goods.

It’s far more cost effective to continue running smaller vehicles with fuel transfer tanks, even with the higher fuel consumption which naturally comes with transporting the extra tank and fuel with you.

The Bottom Line: Benefits of Fuel Transfer Tanks

The bottom line is that for many truck users, fuel transfer tanks aren’t a want, they’re a must.

Gas transfer tanks allow you to keep delivering the services your customers expect, within agreed timescales, and to strict budgets.

Click here to check out the tank brands we trust and get a quote to start the customizing process.