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Vendor Spotlight: Transfer Flow

Vendor Spotlight: Transfer Flow
September 30, 2016 Truck Colors Blog
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When it comes to planning any riding adventure, there are two things you need in abundance: tools and fuel. Long distances, tough elements, and the rising price of fuel are just some of the challenges your truck faces on the open highway.

Toting fuel cans and containers have been one of the solutions truck drivers used to face these challenges. But, riding with a potential firebomb in the back of your truck, especially in areas where the extreme heat is causing the cans to expand, is never enjoyable. There just has to be a better and more secure way to transport fuel. Luckily, we found one.

Transfer Flow has been manufacturing and selling fuel tanks for over 30 years now. Founded by former General Motors engineer, Bill Gaines, the company was set initially as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel system supplier for the motorhome and travel sector. What began as a small company in 1983 in Chicago now became a trusted and respectable business. Transfer Flow expanded rapidly into power sports and the mainstream automotive industry. In just ten years, the company relocated to a 35,000 square foot utility as the business continued to grow. Only six years later, a 20,000 square foot facility was built, and another 15,000-foot storehouse was added in 2018. At the moment, Transfer Flow has over 80 hardworking employees and warehouses and manufacturing facilities covering several acres.

Here’s a sneak peek at their website:

As the industry-leading provider of Aftermarket and OEM fuel tanks and fuel system components, Transfer Flow invests heavily in its manufacturing facilities, as well as its talented and highly experienced engineering team. From backup generators, utility bodies, and school buses – to armored personnel carriers, hybrid technology, and luxury resto-mods, Transfer Flow’s production and engineering capabilities evolve with customer needs as it delivers the highest quality products to manufacturers throughout the world.

Strength and durability are inherent characteristics of every product manufactured at Transfer Flow.

Today, Transfer Flow continues to invest in new technology and state-of- the art manufacturing equipment, while employing a dedicated and hardworking staff of more than 80 people from across Northern California.”

Just taking a quick look at their website, you can see that Transfer Flow offers a wide selection of fuel tanks designed to maximize your truck’s hauling and towing capabilities. From in-bed auxiliary fuel tanks to large replacement fuel tanks, they have the solution you need to plan an adequate motorized adventure.

Let’s have a look at how their products perform:

  • Transfer Flow trucks are certified for gas, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene;
  • Their complete system comes with a refueling tank, 12-foot hose and nozzle, 12-volt pump, wiring harness, fuel cap, and mounting hardware;
  • The tanks are designed to reduce fuel splashes;
  • The pump can transfer up to eight gallons of gasoline per minute;
  • Each tank comes with a three year or 60.000-mile warranty;
  • The tanks are made in the USA

Transfer Flow is a wise solution that will help you maximize the performance of your truck. After all, you’ve probably spent a ton of money on your car. Why put it in jeopardy by installing a replacement fuel tank made by an unreliable company? Be smart and choose Transfer Flow.

To learn more about their fuel tanks and specific accessories, visit their website. Thanks for stopping by and reading this month’s Vendor Spotlight!