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3 Tips for Custom Truck Modification

3 Tips for Custom Truck Modification
March 31, 2018 TheHoth
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Bearing in mind that it costs around $180,000 per year to keep a commercial truck on the road, it makes sense to save wherever you can.

The perfect truck for every business has yet to be designed, so how do you go about finding the most cost-effective way to get the job done?

You create it yourself.

A custom-designed fleet will carry out daily tasks with improved efficiency, reduce inventory damages, and increase workflow.

Make sure you make the right choices for your fleet by reading these basic tips on truck modification before you start.

1. Plan with the Future in Mind

Before you start making expensive and permanent changes to your vehicle, think about how they are going to work out down the line.

It makes no sense to choose an exhaust system based on what you like right now if it’s too small for any future modifications you may need.

Keep each piece of the puzzle in mind when you plan your truck modification.

Start off with what you expect to achieve from your adjustments. Let’s say you want improved fuel economy. You can’t add extras that will increase the weight of the truck and up the fuel usage at the same time.

In some cases, you may be able to find a happy medium. Other times you might have to choose between which one of the modifications you need more.

Your vehicle service plan is another thing to consider. Too many modifications mean you might need to look at other options to keep your trucks maintained.

2. Put Performance First

Although your trucks might look cool with lowered suspension, is it really going to improve their performance?

You could put your money to better use by adding things that help your trucks to work harder for longer.

These are some of the top choices for truck owners:

  • A cold air intake system helps your engine to breathe better and increase power.
  • High-flow exhaust systems and high-flow air filters can also do the trick.
  • A suspension system with auxiliary metal springs or air springs saves your tires, improving drag and fuel economy.

Don’t let fashion dictate your choices. There are other ways you can improve the appearance of your trucks without decreasing their performance.

3. Looks Count Too

After all this expense and effort, you don’t want end up with an ugly truck.

Matching paint finishes can add the extra pizzazz that your fleet needs to stand out from the crowd.

Vehicle graphics with your company name and slogan are an ‘always on’ type of advertising that pays off.

Here are some more creative customization options for your fleet.

Ready To Get Started With Your Truck Modification?

Modifying your vehicles according to your specific needs adds usefulness and value to your fleet. The longer you put off these value-added changes, the more profits you are losing.

Are you still in the dark about where to start? Check out all the ways we can help you customize your fleet.