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Commercial Truck Painting 101: Picking a Custom Paint Scheme for Your Truck

Commercial Truck Painting 101: Picking a Custom Paint Scheme for Your Truck
January 31, 2019 TheHoth
commercial truck painting

If you have a truck, you will need to be sure you’re making it look as great as possible.

In this regard, it all comes down to hiring the best commercial truck painting professionals. Before this, you also need to know how to choose the right color scheme.

Follow these tips to get the most out of any truck paint jobs.

1. Branding: Make Sure Your Truck Color Reflects Your Business

When it comes to commercial vehicle painting, branding needs to be foundational.

The more you choose a great paint color which matches your brand, the more people will pay attention to you. This means more than just slapping the logo on the side – make sure the color scheme gets across what you are trying to convey.

This helps you stay ahead of the curve so your commercial vehicle accomplishes what you want it to, and that you are always marketing.

2. Choose a Color Scheme That Isn’t Incredibly Common

Selecting a color scheme is one of the most important components of truck customization you can look into.

Because of this, always think outside the box to find a color scheme which suits you. Get custom paintwork, or go uncommon as often as possible.

This makes you stand out and offers you something which is a break from the norm.

3. Make Sure You Have a Budget For the Paint Job

Never get a commercial paint job without knowing how much you can spend on it. Having a budget will help you out exponentially, and will ensure you never run the risk of overspending.

Getting your commercial vehicle painted can cost you between- $1,000 and more than $20,000.

This may require you to get financing for your paintwork as well. By knowing how much it will take to get the commercial paint job that will be worthwhile, you can then see how much financing you’re able to get, or how much of your operating budget you’ll need to allocate.

4. Select a Color Which Matches the Vehicle Materials, Lights, and Accessories

Your commercial vehicle needs to stand out when you hit the road.

As you choose a color scheme, be sure it isn’t just great by itself, but also when accented with the vehicle body materials, lights, rims, auto glass, and more. This will help you out so your truck looks the best it can.

5. Always See a Clear Rendering in Advance

When you choose a vehicle painting professional, it’s important you get renderings in advance.

By getting a rendering for what the commercial vehicle will look like, you’ll know you’re choosing wisely. You should also look at finished products the paint contractor has completed in the past.

Get the Best Commercial Truck Painting You Need

If you ever need commercial truck painting, you’ll need to follow these tips to do your due diligence.

We’re the best when it comes to your paint needs. Keep reading through our blog and contact us to learn more about how we can help you.