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3 Van Interior Ideas to Customize Your Commercial Van

3 Van Interior Ideas to Customize Your Commercial Van
April 12, 2019 TheHoth
van interior ideas

A van is a van, right? As long as it has good power and plenty of interior space, then isn’t that all that matters?

As soon as you start shopping around you’ll realize that the cargo van category offers more variety than just about any other type of vehicle. And it goes deeper than that: After you choose the right van you can customize it with just about any interior.

But don’t let the number of choices overwhelm you. Keep reading for the top 3 commercial vans and van interior ideas.

Top 3 Vans

Whether you’re looking for the top-of-the-line or simple reliability, there’s something to suit your needs. Keep reading for the top 3 commercial vans.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Stuttgart, Germany-based brand does more than sleek sedans and gorgeous roadsters. They also make the best commercial van on the market in the Sprinter.

Available in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations, it comes with a diesel as the base engine. A turbo V6 is also available and a gas option is available, new for 2019.

It also features a high-ceiling with plenty of space while handling like a car. It also boasts a refined interior. However, this is all reflected in the price, making it the most expensive option.

Chevrolet Express

On the other end of the spectrum is the Express. Purpose-built for functionality, the Express is a low-cost, low-maintenance workhorse.

Since the Express is essentially an empty shell on a reliable drivetrain, it lends itself to customization. Whatever your cargo, Chevy makes it easy to accommodate your needs.

Nissan NV

Offering solid reliability and good space for a very reasonable price is the Nissan NV.

Different sizes are available to suit your needs. As well, the NV is the only offering to have an available V8 as an option.

Top 3 Van Interior Ideas

Finding the right van is just the first step. Customizing the interior is the next step. These are three ideas to help get the most out of your interior.

Light It Up

Before you move onto storage ideas, make sure that you have sufficient lighting to find what you need. It doesn’t matter how well-organized your space is if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

The rise in LED options has made it easier than ever to get light into even the tightest corners. Map out what your area will look like and make sure that you get adequate lighting there.

Storage Units

It doesn’t matter how big your storage space is if you’re leaving everything on the floor. Instead, install custom shelving that allows you to maximize your area.

Drawer units are a great option, too. Keeping things secure is a must if you’re going to have things stacked or hanging while moving. Be sure to buy the right equipment to ensure safety.


With the amount of space available in modern commercial vans, you can start to create rooms. Partitions allow you to section off areas for different uses. This adds a ton of versatility.

Van Interior Ideas: Final Thoughts

Choosing the right van for your business or fleet means understanding your needs Just about any need can be met in this segment. The above list of vans and van interior ideas will help you choose the right vehicle for you.

For more ideas to help you manage your commercial vehicles, visit our blog.