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Keeping Your Company Vehicles Organized

Keeping Your Company Vehicles Organized
October 20, 2015 Kris Asleson

Unless you are talking to a postmodern artist or a musician, most people will agree that being organized is a good thing. From the science of saving time not having to search for things, to the emotional benefits of feeling more productive (which leads to — you guessed it — actually being more productive), being organized is a must for your company…and company vehicles. Here are three benefits to keeping your fleet in order:

Increased focus. Studies have shown that multitasking often reduces our focus even though it feels like we are accomplishing more. Constantly having to dig through bags and search under seats for tools can distract employees from staying committed to completing an excellent job. Being well-organized boosts focus and attention to detail, leaving your team well-suited to stay on the fast track to a smooth, quality job.

Greater efficiency. Knowing where things are and where they go means less time searching for them and then looking for a spot to put them back. These means your employees work faster without sacrificing quality, which ultimately drives revenues up. On top of that, an employee that doesn’t need to exert brainpower to find his or her equipment will likely approach their work with a clearer head and even a higher level of motivation.

More professional. A well-organized company vehicle reflects a well-organized company. Even if this has no effect on the finished product your company produces, it will likely create a higher perceived value and overall better experience in the mind of your customer, because it shows them that right from the start you are taking them seriously. An unorganized van may leave doubts as to the quality and motivation of your work, and could may even damage the trust you have with your customer if an issue arises during the project — even if its unrelated.

Hopefully these tips inspire you to keep your life and company more organized in every which way. Thanks for reading and as always feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to take the next steps in van customization to get your fleet organized!