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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Commercial Van Interiors

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Commercial Van Interiors
September 23, 2017 TheHoth
commercial van interiors

A commercial van is a blank slate, and there are dozens of ways to make it your own. You don’t have to go with boring, conventional interiors.

Instead, choose from commercial van interiors that are useful, attractive, and add to the quality of your vehicle. A custom work van will bring a variety of benefits to your business.

Safety First: Interior Protection

The first thing to think about as you choose commercial van interiors is how you want to protect your investment. A work vehicle is something you may think is sturdy and hard to damage, but the truth is that they often need shoring up.

Consider adding a reinforced plywood or aluminum floor, along with wall panels that will help prevent dents and scratches that can cause long-term problems. These simple steps will protect your van and give you a solid foundation for the rest of your customization.

Organization for Commercial Van Interiors

The next step is to set your van up for exactly what you want to do. Racks, shelves, and drawers all play an important part in making your van as functional as possible.

Make sure to choose a sturdy but lightweight material that will not absorb spills. Heavy duty plastic or lightweight metal can be good options.

When you can keep the interior of your van organized, you’ll save time and money. You’ll know where your equipment is on every job. You’ll also know in advance when you’re running low on key materials, allowing you to order it without paying for a rush delivery.

Fabrics & Upholstery

Fabrics are an important and often overlooked part of commercial van interiors. You can use fabric on your seats as well as on other sections of your van.

You can choose from a variety of materials. Nylon is durable, hard to tear, and stain resistant, making it an excellent choice in work vans. There are also a large number of colors and patterns available, giving you the chance to express your brand or personality. It’s quite inexpensive as well.

Vinyl or faux vinyl can give you a variety of appearances, from leather to suede. It’s easy to clean and very durable. However, vinyl can be quite hot if it’s in direct sunlight or in a hot climate.

Keep the Lights On

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the right drawer or storage container in a dark van. Even during full daylight, there’s not enough light inside a commercial van to make it easy to see. Be sure to choose the right lighting.

LED lighting inside the van can help you get the brightness you need without using tons of energy. They last a long time and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For most uses, a bar light down the center will be perfect, but you may prefer two bars to minimize shadows. You can also get a light that offers both low and high brightness levels so you can use only the energy you need.

Customizing your commercial van interiors is about both you and your customers. You’ll reap the benefits of an organized, efficient setup every day. Your customers will be impressed when you open your van and they see professional organization.

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