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High Roof Vans: Pick the Right One for the Job

High Roof Vans: Pick the Right One for the Job
October 6, 2022 TheHoth
High Roof Vans

Commercial van sales continue to climb with each passing year. And among all the different types of vans on the market, high-roof vans are easily some of the most sought-after.

High-roof vans are the preferred choice for most commercial businesses. They are easy to customize, comfortable and convenient for working on-site, and provide ample cargo space. Below, we’ll explore more benefits of high-roof vans and share work van interior organizational tips to help you make the most of the extra space. 

Benefits of High Roof Vans 

High-roof vans are much more comfortable, versatile, and practical than low- or medium-roof vans. With a high-roof cargo van, you will maximize your internal loadspace and cargo carrying capacity. While a standard cargo van might have 260 ft³ of cargo capacity, a high-roof cargo van would typically have closer to 345 ft³ of cargo capacity. Additionally, with more wall space to work with, you can customize your interior and add more overhead storage, which will help keep your cargo van more organized. 

Furthermore, a high-roof van is easier to stand up inside, which makes working in the van much more comfortable and less cramped. You can easily convert a high-roof cargo van into a mobile workstation in order to make the most of your van interior. This is a great option for those who need to complete tasks on-site or in harsh climates. A workstation inside of your cargo van can provide shade from the hot sun and shelter from precipitation– you can even add heating and cooling systems to increase comfort and productivity.

On the downside, high-roof vans can also be more difficult to park in places with low clearance and it can be more challenging to store and access cargo on the roof. Lastly, high-roof vans do tend to cost more than low-roof vans, but if you plan to use the space frequently or need to carry more cargo, it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long run. 

vans with high roof

Different Types of High Roof Cargo Vans 

High-roof vans are available in different heights depending on the model and wheelbase length, but almost all of them are over 6 feet tall inside. Sprinter vans are often categorized by vehicle length using L1, L2, or L3 and by roof height using H1, H2, or H3. For example… 

  • L1H1 is a short wheelbase (SWB) van with a standard roof. 
  • L2H2 is a medium wheelbase (MWB) van with a high roof. 
  • L3H3 is a long wheelbase (LWB) van with a super high roof.

While these are good starting indicators, keep in mind that the exact height of the roof will depend on the specific van model and wheelbase length. 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are one of the most well-known types of high-roof vans, as well as one of the most spacious cargo vans on the market. They have standard-roof models, high-roof models, and super high-roof models available depending on your needs. Below are other popular high-roof cargo vans currently on the market: 

  • Ford Transit High Roof – 81.5” (110.2″ overall)
  • Freightliner Sprinter High Roof – 79.1” (107.5” overall)
  • Nissan NV High Roof – 77” (105” overall)
  • Ram ProMaster High Roof – 76” (99” overall)

Organizational Tips for Vans With High Roof 

With high-roof vans, you have a lot more room to work with, so you can get creative with your interior layout! Ideally, you’ll want to customize your van interior to meet the specific needs of your industry and business, but here are a few organizational tips to get you started: 

  • Store larger, heavier items below and lighter, smaller items up above. This helps maximize space and makes loading and unloading heavier tools, equipment, and cargo much easier. 
  • Make the most of the extra overhead space with custom van shelving. Adjustable metal shelving is very durable and comes in a wide variety of sizes to meet your storage needs. For more shelving ideas and options, check out our complete guide to van shelving
  • Invest in some full-blown storage modules. Storage modules combine drawers, cabinets, and shelving all in one unit to maximize the space and provide plenty of storage for a wide range of tools and equipment. 
  • Think about your daily workflow and group together any tools or equipment that you frequently use in tandem. Make sure the items you use regularly are easily accessible. This will make your daily workflow more efficient. 
  • Add interior lighting to improve productivity and safety. Check out our full guide to van lights to explore your options. 
  • Top it all off with other van accessories such as ladder racks, utility hooks, paper holders, tool boxes, partitions, window screens, reel holders, drill bit holders, tank holders, and so much more! 

The tips above are just the tip of the iceberg– our van customization experts have countless additional organizational and storage solutions depending on your specific line of business and day-to-day workflow. 

high roof cargo vans

Customize Your Cargo Van With PTC! 

If you choose to invest in a high-roof van, please keep Pacific Truck Colors in mind for your van customization needs. We specialize in van shelving, ladder racks, and complete work van interiors and have a strong partnership with Adrian Steel and other leading manufacturers. Whether you’re delivering refrigerated goods or hauling around an arsenal of tools and ladders, we’ll help you turn your commercial vans into masterpieces of efficiency. Request a free quote today to learn more and explore your options!