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Van Shelving Dos and Don’ts

Van Shelving Dos and Don’ts
February 9, 2018 TheHoth
van shelving

Are you taking your commercial van to the next level? A great way to organize your van loads is installing shelves. Shelves conveniently hold all of your materials and products.

Shelves also look more legitimate, especially if customers are looking in your vehicle.

But how do you install shelves in your van? This can be pretty difficult. When you’re driving, shelves can easily fall or lose resistance. This can cause damage to your products and your van as a whole.

You can also damage your van during the installation process. Bad installation techniques can result in scratches, dents, holes, and leaks.

Here are the dos and don’ts of van shelving.

The Dos

The dos of van shelving increase productivity and efficiency. These include:

Plan Your Process

Before picking up that power drill, plan the process you will use. Document any information you can.

This includes what you expect the shelves to hold, how often you’ll use the shelves, how much they weigh, their size, and if you should use any other protection.

You should also have a loading and unloading process. This adds to the efficiency and proper shelf placement.

Choose the Best Shelving Material

With van racking, you want heavy shelves for the durability but you don’t want shelves that weigh a ton.

Most people immediately consider wood. Wood shelves are versatile, cheap, and easy to fit in a van. But there are limitations when using wood shelving. Wood requires maintenance and isn’t suitable for holding liquid products.

If you hold heavier equipment or products that usually drip oil or liquids, use galvanized steel. Other quality shelving materials include aluminum and steel.

The Don’ts

If you follow these steps, you can expect failure. These include:

Failing to Change Your Shelving

When you utilize a racking system, expect things to go wrong.

A shelf might fall off and the products may crash or fall off. When you map out your plan, don’t think it’s a one-and-done deal. You’ll probably need to go back and improve your van shelving.

And what if you buy a new vehicle? If this occurs, you have to go back to the drawing board.

Overload Your Vehicle

You may think you would rather have more shelves than less. While this is true in certain situations, it’s not true for van shelving.

When planning your shelving, have a general idea of the number of objects that will be placed on the shelves. You should also consider the number of passengers and any important vehicle information that could interfere with the shelving.

Use These Tips and Build the Best Van Shelving

Do you transport a lot of products and materials in your van? Shelving has a lot of benefits. You can transport more materials and the shelving keeps you more organized.

But there are certain shelving methods you should take. Always plan what you’re carrying and use durable shelving material. Follow this advice and you’ll have the sturdiest van shelves.

Would you rather skip the DIY shelf installation? We offer van customization! We’d love to discuss your business needs and brainstorm ideas.