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Outfitting Your Electrician Truck or Van

Outfitting Your Electrician Truck or Van
November 28, 2019 TheHoth
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Outfitting Your Electrician Truck or Van

In the last five years, increased construction and home renovation activity across the United States has contributed to strong and steady growth of the electrician industry. With so much opportunity for business, it’s important to invest in the best possible vehicle and ensure you are ready to take on any job that comes your way. As an electrician, your truck or van is crucial in order to store and transport the wide variety of tools and equipment you’ll need to complete projects on-site and avoid wasting time running to the store or office. A custom electrician truck or van can provide not only safe, secure storage for all your valuable tools and equipment, but also help improve the organization and efficiency of your work.


Electrician Truck Customization

With so many tools required for electrical jobs, storage is a key consideration whether you have a truck or a van. Pickup trucks can be customized for electrical work with storage compartments and rack upfits, or with complete utility bodies, though space will likely be more limited compared to other vehicles. If you need more cargo space or a covered, standing workstation, a customized low-cab-forward truck with a box van may be the way to go. With more space, you can add fully customized shelving and slide-out bins or drawers to carry all the tools and parts you’ll need.


Electrician Van Customization

Nowadays, more and more electricians are choosing to buy a van and have it customized or upfitted to suit all their specific needs. Many choose to include an indoor, standing workstation in their customized van. Options for customized storage include secured boxes, cabinets, drawers and shelving to store outlets, wires, connectors, screws, faceplates and other smaller tools and materials. You can also choose to include floor or panel-mounted spool holders to conveniently access cables while you work. You may also want to consider adding secure holsters for larger power tools and equipment to improve access and safety while on the job. Additionally, you can maximize your storage space by adding rooftop compartments or carriers.


Electrician Van Vs. Truck

Generally speaking, vans are the most popular choice of vehicle for electricians due to the fact that they tend to provide more storage and space for standing work. However, trucks offer some unique benefits such as the ability to haul or transport more weight. Whatever you decide, with sufficient customization, either type of vehicle can be designed to meet and exceed your needs as an electrician.

Recapping Your Options

There are so many possibilities when customizing a van or truck for electrical work, and the above ideas are just a few to get you started. Our experienced team at Pacific Truck Colors offers both truck and van customization services and can walk you through these options and many more. We can even take your vehicle customization a step further by adding a fresh coat of paint or a car wrap to promote your business while you’re on the road. Contact us to get started and request a free quote today!