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3 Different Kinds of Commercial Van Interiors You Should Consider

3 Different Kinds of Commercial Van Interiors You Should Consider
July 13, 2018 TheHoth
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The nation is experiencing a rise in the need for cargo vans. This comes from the boom in last mile freight and package delivery, and increased interest in trade and skill jobs.

Since May 2017 an estimated 877,000 people were employed in driving and delivery associated with cargo vans and light trucks.

Maximizing the efficiency and safety inside a cargo van clearly comes at a premium. The better organized and maintained the interior, the faster cargo and equipment can be accessed.

Read on for a list of the kinds of van interiors you should consider for your workforce.

Van Interiors

The benefits of a custom van interior maximize what you need while eliminating waste that you don’t. Off the lot cargo van options often plan for a middle of the road selection for equipment…which does an okay job, but you want more than okay.

Each of the following can be combined and customized to create the perfect working and hauling environment for your needs.

1. Shelving

The workhorse of the cargo van interior, shelving combines organization with accessibility.

Shelving makes it easy to secure boxes, cans, and other assorted objects that may not always be the same size.

Shelves keep objects off the van floor and also keeps them from moving during transit or stops. This lowers wear and tear and prevents accidents and leaks.

2. Partitions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a lot of rules dealing with how to secure and transport cargo.

Most important these seek to reduce risk to the driver. The number one recommendation for keeping the driver safe? Partitions. Partitions act as barriers between the driver and the cargo.

Partitions can break up a work area into manageable sections. They also provide added value to a custom van interior when there is a need for refrigeration or temperature control. One area can be regulated while other space doesn’t suck up energy that’s not needed.

Partitions can be used to limit access to the interior. This makes it possible to work with valuables that need more protection and security within the cargo van.

3. Cabinets

The most common work van accessory is the cabinet. These provide storage and transportation space for tools and equipment that you know you will need. By custom building cabinets designed to haul what they contain, you minimize noise and wear on the contents.

Cabinets also can be locked separately, making for more security inside the van for the more valuable tools.

Cabinets and partitions in conjunction can create work areas for mobile fabrication and repairs.

Cabinets also keep the workspace clean by giving a space to return tools even when work is in progress. Boxes have a tendency to get dirty over time and tools to get lost and hard to find.

Go Custom

Don’t settle for workable when you can get exactly what you want from your desired van interiors. We provide all the materials and information to design an excellent working space for your needs.

Check out our blog for more tips, or take a look at our services to get started with your own vehicle customization.