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Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space
August 9, 2019 TheHoth
truck bed storage box

Truck Bed Storage Ideas: Introduction

There are as many truck bed storage ideas as there are shapes and sizes of truck bed. Your line of work and organization habits will determine which truck bed storage system is best for you. The important thing is to realize that you don’t have to put up with the chaos that can result from an undoctored truck bed that’s trying to store too many items.

Let’s take a look at four common truck bed storage ideas; as we do, think about which would be most useful for your business, as well as which would simply make your work easier.


Slide Out Truck Bed Storage

Slide-out truck bed storage–also known as drawers–is a wonderful invention. If you need to store supplies in consistent places but don’t need a whole van outfitted as a rolling workshop, slide-out truck bed storage is probably your answer. Just stand at the end of the bed and pull out a drawer like a filing cabinet back at the office. It’s a type of convenience that we often figure doesn’t have a place in the utility-driven world of professional trucks.


Decked Truck Bed Storage

A decked truck bed storage system is similar to the slide-out variety; a decked truck bed storage system simply makes sure to leave the upper half of your truck bed available for normal use. That is, it’s sturdy enough to have heavy things that don’t fit in drawers placed on top of it. If you go for slide-out storage, definitely consider whether decked slide-out storage is right for you.


DIY Truck Bed Storage

Believe it or not, Pinterest is full of examples of DIY truck bed storage ideas. Lots of people have made their own slide-out truck bed storage, decked and otherwise, mostly out of wood.

It’s great if you’re confident that you can put together a truck bed storage system that will hold up after years of use in all weather conditions. But for real peace of mind, why not spend a little more for metal and a warranty? You’re busy; even if you could make a DIY truck bed storage system, the question is will you take the time. The question is also, “If anything goes wrong with it, would I rather be able to get it fixed for free or have to fix it myself?”


Truck Bed Tool Storage

The classic truck bed storage idea. Outfit your truck bed with an aluminum box near the cab for all your hardware needs from nails to axes.

And good–this is very helpful for lots of people driving a work truck or even a personal truck. Or both. But if you’re already considering a farther-reaching truck bed storage system, consider a whole sliding truck bed storage system that includes a toolbox.



What kind of organization you need from your truck bed storage system depends on your work and your habits. If you contact us here at Pacific Truck Colors, we can talk shop until between us, we figure out just what would make your job the easiest it can be.