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Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Truck Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space
July 15, 2021 TheHoth
truck bed storage ideas

Truck Bed Storage Ideas: Introduction

There are as many truck bed storage ideas as there are shapes and sizes of truck beds. Your line of work and organization habits will determine which truck bed storage system is best for you. The important thing is to realize that you don’t have to put up with the chaos that can result from an undoctored truck bed that’s trying to store too many items.

Let’s take a look at some common truck bed storage ideas; as we do, think about which would be most useful for your business, as well as which would simply make your work easier.


Why is Truck Bed Organization Important? 

Truck bed storage and organization solutions can really transform how you use your truck and what you get out of it. Below are some of the key benefits of truck bed organization: 

Expand your cargo options: Investing in truck bed storage and organization solutions make your truck more flexible and useful by allowing you to safely transport a much wider range of tools, cargo, and equipment. Over time, this will help increase your ROI! 

– Gain efficiency: With an organized truck bed, you’ll be able to access what you need more quickly and conveniently, speeding up your daily operations. 

– Improve safety: If your tools and equipment aren’t stored securely, it can lead to distractions and even accidents on the road. 

– Minimize workplace hazards: Certain storage solutions, such as drop-down ladder racks or truck bed ramps, can make your job easier and reduce the physical strain required to load and unload cargo. 

– Protect your equipment: Truck bed storage boxes and toppers can help keep your valuable tools and equipment secure and reduce the risk of theft. Furthermore, they can help protect your tools and equipment from the elements, thereby extending their lifespan. 

– Protect your truck bed: Keeping your tools and equipment organized and secure will protect your truck bed from scratches, dents, dings, and other damage. Truck bed toppers and liners can also help prevent truck bed wear and tear. 

– Maximize your productivity: With all the benefits above in mind, you can handle tougher jobs and get more work done in shorter periods of time! 

– Save money in the long run: By improving your productivity and protecting your truck, tools, and equipment from normal wear and tear, truck bed storage solutions can also save you money over time. 

As you can see, adding truck bed storage is a smart investment that will help you get the most out of your truck. In the sections below, we’ll highlight some of the best truck bed storage solutions and accessories, so keep reading to learn more!

truck bed storage


Slide Out Truck Bed Storage

Slide-out truck bed storage – also known as drawers – is a wonderful invention. If you need to store supplies in consistent places but don’t need a whole van outfitted as a rolling workshop, slide-out truck bed storage is probably your answer. Just stand at the end of the bed and pull out a drawer like a filing cabinet back at the office. It’s a type of convenience that we often figure doesn’t have a place in the utility-driven world of professional trucks.


Decked Truck Bed Storage

A decked truck bed storage system is similar to the slide-out variety; a decked truck bed storage system simply makes sure to leave the upper half of your truck bed available for normal use. That is, it’s sturdy enough to have heavy things that don’t fit in drawers placed on top of it. If you go for slide-out storage, definitely consider whether decked slide-out storage is right for you.

DIY Truck Bed Storage

Believe it or not, Pinterest is full of examples of DIY truck bed storage ideas. Lots of people have made their own slide-out truck bed storage, decked and otherwise, mostly out of wood.

It’s great if you’re confident that you can put together a truck bed storage system that will hold up after years of use in all weather conditions. But for real peace of mind, why not spend a little more for metal and a warranty? Aluminum and steel will hold up much better than wood over time and better protect your valuable tools. 

You’re busy; even if you could make a DIY truck bed storage system, the question is will you take the time. The question is also, “If anything goes wrong with it, would I rather be able to get it fixed for free or have to fix it myself?”


Truck Bed Tool Storage

Toolboxes are a classic truck bed storage idea. They help improve organization, secure your valuable tools, protect your tools from the elements, and make your setup look more professional. Outfit your truck bed with an aluminum box near the cab for all your hardware needs from nails to axes. Aluminum toolboxes are long-lasting, lightweight (about 1/3 the weight of steel), and highly durable. 


Truck Bed Tool Storage


Truck Bed Ladder Racks 

Truck Bed Ladder RacksA ladder rack is a simple upfit that can make a huge difference when it comes to truck storage. 

Adding a ladder rack to your truck setup will help free up more space in your truck bed and make transporting, loading, and unloading large and heavy materials much easier and more efficient. In most cases, they allow you to carry an additional 500 to 1,200 pounds of cargo! Ladder racks can also help minimize the risk of workplace injuries while loading and unloading. 

To learn more and explore different ladder rack options, check out our complete guide to buying a ladder rack.



Truck Bed Covers 

A truck bed cap takes an open truck bed and transforms it into a covered storage area or enclosed workstation, depending on the type and height of the cap you choose. This is a more affordable solution than upgrading to a full-service body, yet provides similar benefits. 

A truck bed cap can help keep your valuable tools and equipment secure and prevent theft. It can also protect your tools from the elements and help them last longer. If you go with a tall truck bed cap, you can even use your truck bed as an enclosed work area! This is a great solution for people working in harsh climates that need space for prep work on job sites. 

Read more about truck bed covers and their benefits in our guide to finding the right commercial truck caps.


Truck Bed Covers


More Truck Bed Storage Solutions & Accessories

The truck bed storage ideas highlighted in the sections above are just some of the most popular solutions we offer here at Pacific Truck Colors. A few other great truck bed storage accessories to consider include: 

– Straps & Tie Down Tracks: Straps and tie-down tracks can help you secure more valuable or sensitive cargo in your truck bed, providing you with an added layer of protection. 

– Truck Bed Cargo Nets: Cargo nets are strong, secure, and flexible, allowing you to easily secure a wide range of loads in your truck bed. 

– Truck Bed Cargo Bars: Cargo bars can help keep cargo in place and prevent shifting. They are typically adjustable in order to fit various truck bed sizes. 

– Truck Bed Organizer Boxes: There are many different types of truck bed organizer boxes to choose from, including more secure and heavy-duty toolboxes. 

– Truck Bed Ramps: Truck bed ramps can help minimize the amount of time spent on loading and unloading cargo and make life easier for your employees. 

– Truck Bed Liner: A truck bed liner can help protect your truck bed and keep your cargo in place. Check out our guide to truck bed liner paint to explore your options further.


truck bed liner


Custom Truck Bed Storage Solutions 

Imagine having a home for each and every item in your truck bed, including all your cargo, tools, equipment, and more. 

The best way to ensure all your storage needs are met is to go custom with your truck bed storage. With over 75 years of combined truck customization experience, our Custom Truck Equipment Sales and Installation Department here at Pacific Truck Colors will help you find the perfect truck bed storage solutions to meet the specific needs of your vehicles and business. 

We’ll help you come up with a truck bed configuration that will maximize your productivity, efficiency, and safety and completely revolutionize your day-to-day duties!


Looking for Truck Bed Storage? 

The kind of organization you need from your truck bed storage system depends on your work and your habits. If you contact us here at Pacific Truck Colors, we can talk shop and help you find the perfect solution!