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Understanding the Different Types of Utility Trucks

Understanding the Different Types of Utility Trucks
September 6, 2019 TheHoth
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Understanding the Different Types of Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are hugely popular and widely-known to improve operational efficiency. The global utility trucks market size is growing, expected to reach USD 127.46 billion by 2030. Both small businesses and large trucking fleets can benefit from switching to utility trucks, but there are many options out there to consider. It’s important to do your research and seek professional advice to find which is best for you.


What is a Utility Truck?

Utility trucks differ from other types of trucks in that they typically have a collection of compartments to store various tools and supplies. This makes utility trucks extremely convenient and practical for jobs requiring a lot of tools and easy access to them. Utility trucks are sometimes referred to as service trucks.


Different Types of Utility Trucks

Choosing the right utility truck for your business is an important investment that can save you time and money in the long-run. There are many types of utility or service trucks available, all with compartments for transporting and storing tools and equipment, but with different bodies for different needs:

  • Aluminum service bodies: aluminum bodies are very lightweight, which is easier on the truck and can save you money on fuel. Aluminum is durable and doesn’t rust easily, so it can last longer.
  • Steel service bodies: steel bodies are generally stronger than aluminum, though more heavyweight.
  • Crane bodies: crane bodies are designed to support cranes to help you with you heavy lifting. Cranes can be light-duty or heavy-duty.
  • Canopy bodies: canopy bodies are covered and create an enclosed, mobile workstation, perfect for those working on-the-go.

For larger fleets of utility trucks, you may want to consider looking for utility trucks with telematics, or GPS systems, which can improve the tracking and management of your fleet. More recently, hybrid and electric trucks have become an option for utility trucks, so this may be something you want to consider.

Keep in mind that no matter what trucks you choose for your business, you can always customize them to better suit your specific needs.


Buying a Utility Truck

For a general sense of what a utility vehicle might cost you, consider that in 2016 the average price of a 4×2 utility service truck was $69,161, and the average price of a 4×4 truck utility service truck was $75,807. Keep in mind the price can vary significantly based on the type of truck and the level of customization.

Here are a few important questions you’ll want to consider when buying a utility truck:

  • How much weight will you need to carry? If you’ll be hauling heavy equipment or materials, it will be worth it to pay extra for additional horsepower.
  • How many passengers do you need to carry? For example, most vehicles have space for 2-4 passengers, but you can pay extra for vehicles with more cabin room.
  • Which is best: rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? Consider how much weight you’ll be carrying and what weather and conditions you’ll be driving in.
  • Which safety features do you need?
  • What tools and supplies will you be carrying and how easily accessible do these need to be? Do you need a special compartment layout for your tools or customized accessories?

Customization for Utility Trucks

If you are in Oregon and want to explore your utility truck options, Pacific Truck Colors is a one-stop shop for utility truck customization. Our Custom Truck Equipment Sales and Installation Department is one of the largest in the Northwest, and carries high-quality truck equipment at competitive prices to meet all of your specialized needs. Contact us today to get started and request a quote!