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Truck Bed Liner Paint: Picking the Right One

Truck Bed Liner Paint: Picking the Right One
March 11, 2021 TheHoth
Truck bed liner paint

Truck Bed Liner Paint: Picking the Right One

The global truck bed liner market is growing steadily, driven largely by the rising popularity of paint or spray-on liners.

Adding truck bed liner paint is now one of the most common upgrades among new truck owners. This upgrade is relatively simple and affordable compared to other additions and is important to get done quickly if you want to keep your truck in pristine condition.

In this article, we’ll explore your truck bed liner options and the pros and cons of each type to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!


Introduction to Truck Bed Liner Paint 

What is a truck bed liner? Simply put, a truck bed liner is a protective layer that shields the inside of a truck bed from damage. Truck bed liner paint is one of several different types of bed liners, which we’ll explore in the sections below.


Do You Need a Truck Bed Liner? 

Whether or not you decide to invest in a truck bed liner will depend on how you plan to use your truck bed and how much you care about protecting it from wear and tear. To help you make a decision, below are some of the key benefits of truck bed liners:

  • They protect your truck bed from scrapes, dents, chips, etc.
  • They help prevent rust and corrosion.
  • They’re UV stable to prevent sun-damage and fading.
  • They can help prevent leaks.
  • They can help prevent stains from harsh chemicals.
  • In some cases, they can create a skid-resistant surface to help your cargo stay in place.
  • They can be applied to truck beds of all shapes, sizes, and types.
  • They can be matched to almost any automotive paint code.
  • They can enhance the vehicle’s visual appeal and increase its resale value.

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to understand why truck bed liners are so popular among fleet managers who want to protect their work trucks from the heavy-duty demands of a wide range of service industries.


Different Types of Truck Bed Liners 

There are two main types of truck bed liners to choose between spray-in (or paint) bed liners and drop-in bed liners.

Spray-in or paint bed liners are typically more expensive than drop-in liners, but they offer overall better protection. They are highly durable, and because they are made of aliphatic materials, they are more fade-resistant. Bed liner paint is also much more flexible and customizable than drop-in liners, meaning it can be applied to truck beds of all sizes, shapes, and styles.

If you go with a drop-in bed liner, you need to ensure that it will fit your specific truck bed (which is especially difficult if you have a customized truck) and modifications may be needed. There are some pros to drop-in liners though, including more padding to prevent dents and more traction to keep cargo secure.


DIY vs. Professional Truck Bed Liner Installation

If you decide to go with a spray-in truck bed liner, you can choose to go the DIY route or opt for professional application. While you can save money by doing it yourself, the results will likely be less durable and long-lasting. If not installed properly, DIY spray-in liners can start to wear and tear in just a year or so. For the best return on your investment, we recommend leaving it up to the professionals, especially if you have a whole fleet of trucks to upgrade.

Truck Bed Liner Paint in Portland, Oregon!

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