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Custom Made to Move: How to Build Better Vans With Van Conversion Kits

Custom Made to Move: How to Build Better Vans With Van Conversion Kits
April 19, 2019 TheHoth
van conversion kits

Are you fed up with the American Dream? White picket fences and a perfectly trim yard just not doing it for you anymore?

You’ve probably got the nomad bug. You’re not alone.

And even if you keep your home base, the road is calling. There are so many places to explore in this world.

But accommodations are expensive. On average one night in a hotel in the U.S. is around $145.

Even if you’re touring the U.S. for a few months, you could spend thousands. The answer? #vanlife!

A conversion van will give you an affordable and mobile home without the upkeep. Here’s how to trick out a van with van conversion kits.

1. Choose Your Van

The cliche choice is the 80s conversion van. But you really only want an 80s conversion van if you want to pretend to be a Star Wars fanboy breaking into the Skywalker ranch.

You’ve got several choices. Here are the most popular:

VW Vanagon

This classic and iconic van usually comes with a poptop and an interior pre-made for van-life. It’s gained a cult following over the years and you can find info on pretty much any aspect of ownership.

Sprinter Van

While the upfront cost on this van is high, it’s a new model. It will be easier to find parts and will be more reliable.

Diesel engines get incredible gas mileage. They’re tall vans which is perfect for tall people.

Cargo Van

If you want a blank slate to build upon, this van is your road warrior. It blends in with other commercial vans meaning you can stealth camp in cities.

Two downsides, however: your van is known as the “creeper van” and it’s difficult to find a low mileage cargo van used.

2. Planning Your Layout

Whether you’re using a conversion kit or DIYing from scratch, it’s good to know exactly what you’re using it for. Here are a few things to take into account when planning your van conversion.

How Many People?

How many beds will you need? Are you traveling with pets?

This is the first thing you must accommodate. You are creating a van to sleep in, after all.

But you must have enough space for all those people to hang out in during the drive. This means seats as well.

How Tall is Everyone?

You might get overzealous with overhead storage space, but remember, how much bending over do you really want to do?

Also, consider height when it comes to beds. Are you able to stretch out comfortably? Or are you okay with sleeping in the fetal position for months?

Are You Cooking Inside or Out?

If you’re going to cook a lot, you might want a kitchen inside the van. This means water tank, sink, counter, stove, and fridge.

Also, consider space for dry food storage.

Supplement Your Van Conversion Kits

Not all van conversion kits are equal. Some come with less and some come with more.

If you’re looking to add quality shelves to your van, we’ll hook you up. Request a conversion quote now.