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Shelf Help: 5 Great Cargo Van Shelving Ideas

Shelf Help: 5 Great Cargo Van Shelving Ideas
September 14, 2018 TheHoth
cargo van shelving ideas

Have you ever seen a cargo van that looks like the owner’s business exploded inside it? Don’t be the guy with that van.

Good organization will keep you focused and help you avoid losing equipment or running late trying to find it. Plus, loose tools pose a safety risk. Installing shelves is a great way to keep the van organized!

Choosing which type of shelving best fits your needs can get tricky. First, you need to measure the dimensions of your van and figure out the layout you need for your tools.

Once you size up your needs, you’re ready to choose from one of the many shelving options available to you. Here are 5 great cargo van shelving ideas!

Professional Cargo Van Shelving Ideas

Choosing to have professionals install your shelving and/or buying ready to install systems saves you time.

1. Steel Shelving System

These metal frame systems fit into trucks easily, and you can choose from one with metal shelving, or if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you can opt for the steel frame and build your own plywood shelves. Closed shelving units prevent items from falling and breaking, while opened shelves allow you to quickly grab what you need.

Most cargo vans use this type of shelving.

2. Custom Shelving System

Custom shelving systems for your cargo van provide an organization system tailored exactly to your needs. You get to create your own idea about what you want and then leave it up to the professionals, to save you time and hassle.

These benefits include:

  • optimizing your van space
  • specially designed spaces custom made for your tools to keep them from falling or crashing around
  • saves you time

A customized shelving system also offers you a safer drive and saves you money in the long run by building the storage customized for the equipment it will hold.

Stay Safe with Corner Shelves.

3. Corner Shelving Systems

If you lay flooring, install siding, or work any other profession that often requires large, free spaces for materials, you may find corner shelving most useful. You can choose to install them on the floor or up at the ceiling. This type of shelving maximizes space while keeping your tools organized.

Homemade Cargo Van Shelving Ideas

Deciding to make your own shelves will require more of your time, but save you money.

4. DIY Wooden Shelves

If you have the time and know how to build shelves in a cargo van, you can use plywood to make DIY custom shelving. One neat idea to try – build cabinets into the shelving for stuff you want to keep covered while you drive. Once you learn how to build van shelves yourself, you open the door to all sorts of conveniences.

Another convenient shelving trick is to build a shelf that runs the length of the van, like a false floor. This works for organizing large amounts of carpet, siding, or other long materials, that you do not want to stack.

5. Add Other Elements to Your Shelving System

Many businesses can benefit from organizing with more than simple wooden van shelving. Consider building drawers into the unit, to keep tools and blueprints. For basic shelving, use milk crates to organize materials and keep them from tumbling around.

Also, add hanging units to the top of the van and use clips to keep drawers closed. Little van storage tricks will make a huge difference with staying organized.

Bring Your Cargo Van Shelving Ideas to Life

The condition of your van sets the tone for the type of work you provide your customers; the organization is too important to let fly. Contact us at Pacific Truck Colors to customize your shelving today!