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3 Reasons Hooklifts are Better Than Roll Offs For the Everyday Buyer

3 Reasons Hooklifts are Better Than Roll Offs For the Everyday Buyer
July 20, 2018 TheHoth
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Are you a business owner trying to decide whether to buy hook lifts for your fleet?

Your heavy-duty trucks can benefit from the addition of hydraulic hook lifts when compared to roll-offs.

One of the ways a hook lift does this is by allowing the operator to maintain more control over the item they are moving. But the benefits of a hook lift do not stop there.

Read on to learn 3 reasons why hook lifts are better than roll-offs.

1. Experience Increased Efficiency

One of the most beneficial features of a hook lift is the increased efficiency it gives your business.

A hydraulic truck bed lift can haul multiple containers or other objects that a roll-off cannot. Because a hook lift can carry a larger number of containers than other types of lifts, you can avoid spending extra money to build your truck fleet.

You will be able to get more out of your existing fleet, and this will save money you can invest back into your business.

2. Reduce Dangers in Workplace

A hook lift gives your employees a safer workplace to operate in each day.

This is because a hook lift gives the operator more control over the load. For example, a hook lift allows you to bring a container to ground level. It also gives the operator the ability to increase or decrease power and the lift’s reach.

This gives the operator a chance to load the container at a more comfortable level. The hydraulics in the system also help them to unload it in a safe manner too.

By operating in a safer environment, this lowers the chances that your workers will injure themselves or make a workers’ compensation claim against your business.

3. Leverage the Versatility

The versatility of hook lifts can help you receive more output out of your truck fleet.

Besides increasing efficiency with the number of containers it can carry, a hook lift also can carry many different types. This is because a hook lift can adjust to fit the size of the container you want to haul.

The versatility of these lifts gives you the ability to use them for projects of various sizes.

Your employees will also have more control over how a load is handled. That’s because a hook lift allows you to slide or tilt a container, or do both. This improved control can help an employee prevent a load from spilling.

Wrapping Up: Hook Lifts Improve Your Business

Hook lifts can help you improve your truck fleet while allowing your employers to work in a safer environment. Be sure to choose an energy efficient option and try to determine your payload per trip.

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