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9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Hook Lift System

9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Hook Lift System
May 12, 2018 TheHoth
hook lift system

If you think your company could benefit from adding a hook lift system to the fleet, you’re right.

Hooklifts ensure accuracy in dropping containers in exact positions, including tight spaces.

Here are some ways to make the most out of your new hook lift system.

Sliding or Tilting, or Both?

How you use the hook lift depends on what you’re using it for.

A combination slide and tilt, for example, allows for low angles when changing bodies or transferring the body to and from a drawbar trailer. This is especially helpful for when there is low headroom.

More or Less Power and Reach

If the intended work is receptive, you don’t need to pay extra for power reserves you probably don’t need.

Though, if you often need a power boost close to the body, you may need to spend that extra money. Being able to make that extra-long reach means you can complete jobs your competitors may not be able to.

Frequency of Changing, Tipping, and Lowering

Knowing how often you’ll be using each feature can help you select the best hook lift system for your company.

For example, waste pickup and recycling requires frequent body changes. If you’re transporting things like soil and gravel, you’ll be doing quite a bit of dumping.

The faster your new hook lift completes these tasks, the more efficiently your teams can work. As we all know, time saved is money earned. Your hook lift should have good sequence and speed options.

Taller Demountable Bodies

With taller demountable bodies, you can carry additional payload each trip. That also means added weight and height so you would need a booklet with lower installation height and lighter weight.

Controls for Budget and Safety

Control systems vary from standard pneumatic controls to hi-tech Programmable Logic Controls (PLC). Here is an instance where you should think about your current as well as your future needs.

Right now you might only need in-cab and outside controls. Will your project(s) needing radio control in the future? If your budget allows, choose a hook lift system that is flexible in case you want to retrofit.

Safety Standards

It goes without saying that safety is a must. Look for important safety features like safety interlocks and stabilizers. Also look for automatic latches and alert features to let you know when conditions aren’t right.

Pollution and Noise

If your work takes you to areas with noise regulations, you’ll want a hook lift that complies with them. Look for one that has short cycle times, less friction, and lower engine RPMs.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel consumption is always a budget concern. It’s an environmental concern as well. You’ll have to weigh your needs against the hook lift option.

Some of the variables are the weight of the lift, amount of payload per trip, type of hydraulics, and regenerative systems.

Resale Value

The resale value is something to consider. If you plan to upgrade or change your hook lift truck someday, you’ll want to purchase a durable lift now. Also, take a look at the warranty and long-term service offered.

Best Hook Lift System for You

With all the quality options out there, the best hook lift for you depends on your needs and requirements. Take some time to consider those first. You’ll end up with a hook lift that streamlines your work and increases profits.

If you have any questions about hook lifts, please contact us.