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Getting Started with Hook Lift Bodies

Getting Started with Hook Lift Bodies
August 16, 2019 TheHoth
hook lift bodies

Hook lift bodies use a series of hydraulic rams to hook, lift and hoist containers onto the chassis of a truck. There are several configuration options for hook lift bodies which can serve a wide variety of purposes. With many uses, it’s easy to see why hook lift bodies can be a valuable addition to your vehicle. If you have a truck, you’ll likely find a hooklift to fit it. When determining where to start with hooklift bodies it’s important to first determine your needs and to  consider what hook lift body will work best on your truck. There are multiple kinds that can be used for different purposes. Once we introduce the possibilities, it will be easy to take the next step and have it installed.


Kinds of Hook Lift Bodies

With varying options, be sure to get the hook lift body that is right for you and your business needs. Some common options are platform bodies which can carry equipment, dumpster bodies which are good for garbage removal, mason bodies that are good for hauling tools, and chipper bodies that can be used when tree trimming. There are, of course, other options out there but these tend to be most used and will likely cover you for whatever your job may be.


Hook Lift Bodies for Your Vehicle

Another thing to consider is what works best not only on your vehicle, but with your vehicle. Make sure the hook lift body fits on your truck as they are not all one-size-fits-all. From there, you also want to consider your vehicle’s gas mileage once installed and potential noise pollution. Will you be using this in a construction zone where noise isn’t an issue or will you be somewhere that requires you to be a bit quieter? The noise level for hook lift bodies can vary, so it’s something to think about when choosing. You can also think of the resale value of your vehicle with your hook lift body installed. You’ll want a hook lift body that can last, and stay with the vehicle long-term.


Hook Lift Bodies in Your Industry 

You may wonder if a hook lift body is even necessary. Consider your industry and needs when weighing the benefits of installing a hook lift body on your truck. In some industries you can commonly find hook lift bodies like: mining, heavy construction, waste removal, logging, demolition, recycling, landscaping and construction, along with many others. If you are in any of these industries or something similar, you would likely benefit from a hook lift body, making your day-to-day more efficient with their unique capabilities.


Get a Quote on Your Hook Lift Body

Now that you understand the widespread use and potential of a hook lift body, it’s time to consider how to get one! Go ahead and give your local company a call or request a quote online.  From mining to landscaping, from construction to waste removal, hook lift bodies can be used in so many ways for so many things. Don’t hesitate to get set up with one of your own today!