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Trailer Wraps: From Inspiration to Installation

Trailer Wraps: From Inspiration to Installation
July 26, 2019 TheHoth
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Trailer Wraps: From Inspiration to Installation

A trailer wrap is a big deal. It changes every individual’s understanding of what they’re looking at when they see one of your vehicles on the road. Instead of idly glimpsing at a generic truck-for-hire hauling something or other, they see you. They simultaneously see your company and find out what your company does. Thus, a custom trailer wrap means that every little errand the trailer goes on is a bonafide commercial from start to finish. That’s why we get trailer wraps, and that’s why they need to be done well.

At Pacific Truck Colors, we can help create your custom trailer wrap design. We’ve wrapped a lot of vehicles and we know how to do it as well as anybody in the business. Alternatively, you can bring us an idea at any stage of completion and we can help finish it or just install the trailer wrap design you already have.


Planning Your Trailer Wrap Design

We like to nail down a customer’s trailer wrap design before they ever bring in the trailer. This way, the trailer can stay in use right up until it’s time to install its wrap. This reduces the overall trailer wrap cost by preventing you from losing income while we hem and haw.

But also, it’s important to get your trailer wrap design just right. Sometimes it’s easier to be creative when you’re just a couple of people with some sketches (on paper or graphics software). We can reach for the stars this way and come up with designs that are really special; then, once we know what we want, we can adapt it however we need to, to fit it on a trailer.


Installing Trailer Wraps

Once we have our wrap design, all that’s left is to print it and install it. That means that if you already have a design in mind and want to make sure it’s installed in the best way possible, we can still help you out.  It’s sort of like bringing a tattoo idea to a tattoo artist. Except instead of needles and Saran Wrap, we use high-performance vinyl that’s made specifically for wrapping vehicles of all kinds.


Trailer Wrap Cost & Pricing Estimates

Pricing depends on the job, but a custom trailer wrap is often less expensive than a paint job. This is a basic investment in your company’s brand. Everywhere your trailer goes, constant advertisement goes as well. That means that if your custom trailer wrap is done well, it will pay for itself many times over.

Enjoying Your Custom Trailer Wrap!

We all judge books by their covers; that’s why they get covers. Likewise, we all judge businesses by their advertising. So make sure that when potential customers see the advertisement that your custom trailer wrap is, they see the same thing that you provide–solid work.

Pacific Truck Colors is a premier custom trailer wrap shop in our region because we use high-performance materials and we employ true specialists. Click here to see some of our past work.