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Benefits of Installing a Truck Roof Rack

Benefits of Installing a Truck Roof Rack
July 19, 2019 TheHoth
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How to haul more stuff is the never-ending puzzle with work trucks, isn’t it? What a relief it would be if we could use a crane or something and just plop the whole office on the back of a big flatbed. But alas, you get your pickup and then you need to bring a ladder that’s longer than the bed. Or you have to use your canopy so the lumber doesn’t get wet but that gets in the way of your regular roof rack.  Is there a way to salvation? Let’s look at the overall benefits of installing a truck roof rack in case you’re still on the fence; then, we’ll discuss two types of truck roof racks.


Benefits of Getting a Roof Rack for Your Truck

It’s about the options, of course. A truck roof rack increases your truck’s hauling abilities for, in the whole scheme of vehicle maintenance and upgrades, next to free. You may use it often and you may not–but it’s a one-time, fairly small investment that will almost certainly save at least one headache somewhere down the line.

This is especially true if you ever use ladders for work. A ladder is one of those special supplies that, for some of us, is non-negotiable, critical for success, and a bear to bring along. Instead of trying to tie it down in your pickup bed and having it stick out at the cars behind you, just get a simple truck roof rack that can handle ladders.


Truck Cap Roof Racks

If your pickup wears its shell a lot of the time, you can also get a truck cap roof rack. This is a similar idea, just retrofitted onto the top of your canopy. You can pretty much carry all the same things as with a regular truck roof rack (including the ladder if you get the right truck cap roof rack), but now that lumber doesn’t have to get wet.

Like a regular truck roof rack, a truck cap roof rack is an easy, unobtrusive, inexpensive upgrade to install that makes your truck immediately more capable.


Get Down and Dirty with an Off Road Truck Roof Rack

If you have to drive off-road very much, say to a construction or conservation site, you also may want to consider an off-road truck roof rack. These keep an especially low profile to make sure your gear stays right where you put it. Design is flexible too; an off-road truck roof rack can go on your truck’s actual roof, on the shell, or it can cover some of both.


Truck Roof Racks: Wrapping Up

Which type of truck roof rack you need depends entirely on your line of work. The takeaway is that whatever kind you get, it’s a small, low-maintenance, one-time investment that can make your work truck much more capable.

Give us a call today to talk about what kind of truck roof rack would serve you best!