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The Ultimate HVAC Van: Setup, Shelving, Wraps & More

The Ultimate HVAC Van: Setup, Shelving, Wraps & More
August 2, 2019 TheHoth
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The Ultimate HVAC Van: Setup, Shelving, Wraps & More

Your HVAC van fleet – whether it’s a fleet of one or a thousand–is your mobile shop and office. The supplies you carry with you to job sites are what each job is made out of; finding those supplies quickly, easily, and safely is paramount.

But which HVAC van is best? What should the interior look like? How about your HVAC van wraps? Once you decide on a vehicle, there are still a myriad of decisions to make and upgrades to install. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find your way through some of that.


Which Vans are Best?

Of course, there is no “best” HVAC van for everybody. Each business has its own specific needs and each HVAC van has its specific strengths. There are some HVAC vans that are more commonly recommended, though.

If you’re willing to pony up the dough, the diesel Mercedes Sprinter ranks #1 on Connecteam’s list of the 8 Most Recommended Cargo Vans. A lot of that is because it can simply hold more cargo while keeping a reasonable mileage.

#3 on their list is the classic Chevy Express. Nothing fancy, but plenty of durability and power, along with lots of cargo space. And these days, whether it’s a sports car or an HVAC van, there is always plenty of new technology features on new vehicles.  Anything fancier may get you spending too much.


HVAC Van Shelving

Now, since no major company makes a pure-play HVAC van, once you decide on your vehicle, you’ll probably want to get the interior outfitted with some good HVAC van shelving.

There is no one-size-fits-all HVAC van shelving setup. Your best bet is to make a list of everything you know you want in your HVAC van(s), find a reputable shop to install it, and bounce your ideas around with them.


HVAC Van Wraps

Here is where you can have some real fun. The question is, “What do I want people to remember when they get a glimpse of my van on the highway?” Again, make a list or even have some sketches of a concept you know you want on your HVAC van wrap. Dream big–this might be the only advertising for your business some people will ever see.

And don’t forget to collaborate with the people who are going to paint your HVAC van’s wrap, just like with the shelving. They’re professionals; you don’t have to think of everything yourself. They can consult about the graphic design element as well as what’s easiest (read: “least expensive”) to paint.

Other Ideas to Complete Your HVAC Van Setup

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all HVAC van setup–but there are some great ideas that can help a lot of businesses. While you’re making your lists of HVAC van wrap features and shelving requirements, consider making a third list, this one of pain points. What has been your biggest annoyance with HVAC vans in the past? Now that you’re outfitting your own, what do you finally get to make sure is included?

HVAC van shelving, cabinets, hidden storage compartments, ladder storage… it’s all available. Depending on the size of your fleet, you might even want to get two or three HVAC van setups to see which one(s) work the best. Each will have advantages, and maybe on the next go-around, you can take what you’ve learned and put together the true ultimate HVAC van setup.