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Custom Paint Jobs – Our Top 5

Custom Paint Jobs – Our Top 5
November 23, 2015 Kris Asleson

5 Custom Paint Jobs by Pacific Truck Colors

Here at Pacific Truck Colors, we believe that there is more to life that what meets the eye. With that said, who doesn’t like a great custom paint job? A strong, creative, and memorable exterior is a fantastic way to reflect the internal values and vision of your company, and we love providing this service. This week’s post takes a trip down memory lane to review some of our favorite exterior paint jobs we have done for our customers.

  1. Oregon City Trolley. If you get to paint a trolley like this, and it’s not in your Top 5, you’re doing something wrong.



2. Statue of Liberty Semi. The level of detail, not to mention the patriotism that went into this project, made it one of our favorites.



3. Racing Semi. We love how clean, yet bold this one turned out.



4. OLLIE Minivans. This fleet makes learning exciting and minivans cool. Enough said!



5. Doritos Truck. Last but not least, a classic brand goes larger than life!



We hope this list has inspired you to consider how a custom paint job may bring your company vehicle(s) to life. Click here to learn more or request a quote!