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Adrian Steel Van Customization for Locksmiths

Adrian Steel Van Customization for Locksmiths
January 31, 2016 Kris Asleson
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Portland Locksmith Van Customization

If you’re a locksmith, or own a business that does this kind of work, you are well aware of the importance of being organized. With so many keys and other details to keep track of, a poor organization system can lead to hefty delays, which causes your business to lose time and money. Recently, Adrian Steel has launched some new van customization packages designed specifically for locksmiths. These packages are specifically tailored for locksmiths and come with everything you’d expect with the Adrian Steel name.

This Locksmith Interior (pictured) is designed to fit both the 136″ and 159″ wheelbase RAM Promaster models. There is also an interior available to fit 118″, which we can happily install for you as well.

portland van customization locksmith

Item Model Description Qty.
1 S1M2HC2PM Partition with door 1
2 WKC1PM Partition Wing Kit 1
3 MD608PM 84″ Workbench Module 1
4 MD506PM Drawer Module 1
5 17A Six Shelf Catalog File 1



Adrian Steel Van Customization

Adrian Steel is the name on top of the industry when it comes to van customization. We have proudly partnered with them for many years, and have no doubt you will be 100% satisfied with their locksmith van customization package. Their customer-focused commitment to quality traces all the way back to their founder, Bob Westfall:

Adrian Steel’s attention to detail and customers is thorough; it began through the corporate values instilled by founder Bob Westfall, University of Michigan All-American and Detroit Lion All-Pro football standout. Those values instilled a team effort to provide customers with value-added products and services that have become the standard of our industry. -from Adrian Steel’s website


If you are in the Portland area and you are looking for a solution to keep your locksmith business more organization, click here to request a quote or give us a call to go over options. We’re happy to answer all your questions!