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3M Vinyl Wraps: What You Need to Know

3M Vinyl Wraps: What You Need to Know
May 24, 2019 TheHoth
3m vinyl wrap

A 3M vinyl wrap is one of the most interesting, attractive mods you can outfit your car with.

There are some things to be aware of before you do, though. If you go in blind, it could be done badly and/or deteriorate too quickly.

Cheap Work Ain’t Good

Having a 3m vinyl wrap applied to your vehicle is not something to do if you’re pinching pennies. Don’t bother if you’re afraid to spend a good few grand on the job.

If you find a reputable shop that’s worth its price, they should take several days to ensure a job well done. Make sure to plan for alternative transportation while your ride is getting spruced.

The time it takes depends on the shop’s thoroughness. Will they wrap the edges of the doors and tuck the extra vinyl in to create a seal that won’t peel off? Will they take the bumper off?

Paint it First

A car wrap is not a substitute for a good paint job. In fact, it’s a good idea to budget to have your car fully painted before installing the wrap. Think of the paint as something like the primer coat you apply before painting a wall. It’s crucial to have a clean, smooth surface to stick your 3M vinyl wrap to.

In fact, a good wrap will protect the paint job so you don’t have to worry about that detail when it comes time to sell the car.


If you invest in a car wrap, your days of automatic car washes are over. This is something a conscientious driver does, who enjoys spending time on their vehicle, which includes washing it.

Handwashing is the way to clean your 3M vinyl wrap. Even powerwashes can be too harsh. Check out Croftgate USA for some ideas about what to use when washing your car’s 3m vinyl wrap.

Final Thoughts on 3M Vinyl Wraps

The most important things to know about having a 3M vinyl wrap installed on your car are that you’ll have to pay up for good work, and that you’ll have to take a certain amount of care of the wrap afterwards.

It’s worth it because, well–have you seen how hot a wrap looks? For someone who wants their car’s appearance to make an impression on everyone who sees it, there is likely no better option. You just have to budget appropriately, including for a prewrap paint job, and take the time to handwash your baby after she’s wrapped up.

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