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How Much Will a Car Wrap Cost for Your Commercial Vehicle and Is It Worth It?

How Much Will a Car Wrap Cost for Your Commercial Vehicle and Is It Worth It?
January 3, 2019 TheHoth
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Do you want a boring, old, plain car? Or do you want to stand out on the road in a gorgeous, branded, vinyl wrapped vehicle?

If you’re running a business, there is no question. If your car is on the road, you need a wrap, or you’re just leaving business sitting in the passing lane.

Keep reading for your guide to figuring out if the car wrap cost is worth it for your business.

A Wrap or Paint?

There are several different ways you can apply colors and images to a motor vehicle. The most common methods are painting and applying a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are road grade plastics that adhere to the outside of the vehicle, like a giant waterproof sticker.

The cost of car wrapping varies between vehicles. You’ll need to get a direct quote because there isn’t a one size fits all. However, we can flesh out the basic factors you should look out for.

The first issue we need to think about when doing a car wrap cost comparison is to consider the current condition of the vehicle(s). A vinyl vehicle wrap should last around ten years, and they are best applied to newish cars without any current paint damage. Chipping paint or broken edges can cause damage to the wrap and cause it to peel.

If there is damage to the underlying paint job, this will have to be repaired before the vehicle wrap can be safely applied. The cost of painting a vehicle can run anywhere between $500 and $5,000, depending on the condition, what you want, and how much paint needs to be applied.

After the paint job, you’ll need to figure out exactly what kind of wrap you want. If it’s a personal vehicle, your own imagination is the only limit! You can even mix and match vinyl and a good paint job.

What Does a Car Wrap Cost?

As for a commercial car wrap, you need to consider the value of advertising that is built into your car wrap pricing. A vehicle on the road can hit up to 70,000 impressions a day! It’s one of the absolute best deals in advertising.

A delivery vehicle can become a moving customer recruitment operation! A “Follow Me!” call to action or a placard that prominently displaying your company’s website address can be invaluable. Consider how well your business can convert customers into this type of advertising when you are calculating what type of wrap to get for your commercial vehicles.

The final cost of a vehicle wrap will depend on the size of the wrap, the level of customization, the condition of the vehicles, and if it’s a fleet operation or a single car. They can run from $250 for a pre-printed car sticker, all the way up to $20,000 for a custom-made tour bus wrap.

Get Your Wrap On!

Driving around in a plain old car is costing you! You’re missing a giant promotional opportunity for your business. Get the wrap you’ve been dreaming about and start making an impression when you move.

We know wraps. If this discussion helped you at all, contact us for a real quote on your car wrap cost, and start looking good in your car.