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Time for a Change? How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap

Time for a Change? How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap
April 16, 2020 TheHoth
how to remove a vehicle wrap

Time for a Change? How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle wrap is a great way to make money while you sit in traffic on your way to work. However, a faded, peeling or outdated wrap certainly won’t do you any favors. Your vehicle wrap needs to be high-quality and professional so that it attracts attention and reflects positively on you, your brand and your business.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your vehicle wrap? Keep an eye out for any stains, peeling, fading, scrapes or damage from car accidents. If they detract attention from the car wrap or are starting to appear unprofessional, it’s time for a change. Additionally, even if your wrap is in perfect condition, there comes a time when an updated, fresh or rebranded wrap can work wonders for your business.


Key Considerations During Wrap Removal

Once you’ve determined it’s time to remove or replace your vehicle wrap, carefully consider whether you want to attempt the project yourself or hire a professional for the job. Though the DIY route is definitely possible with careful planning, practice, care, and patience, when it comes to something as important and valuable as your vehicle, we recommend working with experienced vehicle wrap professionals you can trust to get the job done right.

It’s also important to note that there are certain factors that can affect how difficult the wrap removal process is. For example, the longer the wrap is left on the vehicle, the harder it will be to remove and the more adhesive residue it will leave behind. Also, the actual type of vinyl used will affect how labor-intensive the removal process is. Generally speaking, high-quality vinyl wrap will be easier to remove than other types.


How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap: Getting Started

In general, the vehicle wrap removal process usually requires some skill and patience. As mentioned above, the specific instructions can vary depending on the type of vinyl and how old it is, so be sure to take these factors into account. If you have any doubts or questions, consult with a professional car wrap removal service.

If you are confident that you can handle the removal process on your own, be sure to practice with a small portion of the wrap first. If it starts to chip or flake off, you may want to reconsider and hire a professional.

Put simply, the removal process starts with heating up the wrap to make it easier to remove. Be sure to do so according to the wrap manufacturer specifications. You’ll need a heat gun to complete this step. Once the wrap is heated and ready, start with a corner and peel the wrap slowly and carefully, at a 45-degree angle. You may need a plastic razor blade to slide under the wrap and aid in the peeling process. If this goes smoothly, you can proceed to removing the wrap from the rest of the vehicle, working slowly and consistently and paying extra careful attention to the more contoured parts. Lastly, you will need to remove leftover chips or flakes, and then remove any adhesive residue. There are some removal solvents that can aid in this process.


How Long do Car Wraps Last?

On average, a high-quality vehicle wrap typically lasts between  3 and 5 years, though they can certainly last even longer. It’s important to note that the average lifespan of a vehicle wrap depends on several other factors such as the installation, finish, maintenance, vehicle use, weather, and more. The lifespan of the car wrap can be maximized by storing the vehicle in a protected, covered area and hand washing the wrap regularly. Above all else, the best way to ensure a car wrap is high-quality and long-lasting is to hire a vehicle wrap service to properly and professionally design and install the wrap.


Need a Different or Better Wrap?

If you have any questions about vehicle wrap design, installation, or removal, our Vehicle Graphics Department at Pacific Truck Colors is here to help! From simple door logos to full-coverage car and truck wraps, we use high-performance media and proven installation techniques to provide results that outlast our competitors. To protect your vehicle and ensure the wrap is designed and handled properly, request a quote and partner with us today!