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How to Customize Your Car or Truck with Auto Body Paint Jobs

How to Customize Your Car or Truck with Auto Body Paint Jobs
March 31, 2019 TheHoth
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We all know that buying a new vehicle means immediately losing money in depreciating value as soon as you drive off the lot. But did you know that auto body paint can affect how much value you lose in your vehicle?

Vehicles that are orange or yellow lose value at a rate of 27.4% and 26.2% less than other vehicle colors. So the question is, what color are your vehicles?

If you are thinking of having your vehicle custom painted, we have a few ideas to help you stand out and get noticed on the road.

Choose a New Palette

Our eyes are pretty amazing in that we can see millions of shades of colors. Yet most cars are painted one of five to ten colors. Now that’s boring, isn’t it?

The good news is that means there are plenty of options for you. Look for a color that is not a standard OEM color. Then people are more likely to notice you while on the road.

Stay away from silver, 23% of new cars are this color. White and black are also terrible choices, 15% and 12% of new vehicles are these colors respectively.

Two Tone

Similar to the last idea, this one uses color in a way that is not normally done. There are very few two-tone cars that come that way off the assembly line.

Be sure to choose two colors that work together. They could either match or be contrasting. Either way, you want people to appreciate your vehicle and not wince.

You also need to decide how you want the two colors to look on your car. You could have one primary color and the other accenting in stripes.

The two colors could have an equal role on the vehicle in a color block effect. Then there is always the ombre trend where one color fades into the other.

Wrap It Up

Sometimes the ideas you have in mind are not possible with paint alone. When this happens, vinyl wrapping is the answer.

This is how those mirrored gold cars get their look. Or if you want to advertise your business, you can have a custom wrap printed up.

How Will You Finish?

Once you have decided on paint and what colors you want, you then need to determine what finish you want. The traditional choice is to go with a high gloss.

But today owners have the option of going with a matte look. Or there is the option of a pearlescent finish.

Get Advanced

When you work with an experienced and high-quality paint shop, your options are almost limitless. They will have a computer program that allows you to visualize your ideas before you commit.

You can experiment with multiple colors, shading, or custom detailing.

Choose Your Auto Body Paint

Whatever you decide to do, the best place to start is knowing what is already done. Take a look around and note the typical colors you see. Now avoid all of that, and you’ll make your vehicle stand out.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your auto body paint. You want something that makes a statement without being tacky or comical.

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