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What You Need To Know About Collision Repair

What You Need To Know About Collision Repair
October 30, 2015 Kris Asleson

It goes without saying that collisions and accidents are a stressful time for any business. Often a business owner is worried about far more than the cost of the vehicle that was damaged. The emotional toll a collision can take on a company and its leadership leaves little room for drama when it comes to getting the vehicle itself fixed and back on the road.

In our experience, collision repair can go awry in several ways. First, the inspection isn’t thoroughly done by those doing the repairs. Whether it’s to save time and money on the front end, or simply just inexperience in knowing what to look for, this initial estimate is crucial to a successful repair job.

Getting a poor estimate leads to a second problem: an eye-popping bill and/or extended delays in repairing the damaged vehicle. Either one of these is not something anyone wants to manage, especially after a collision. This process needs to be straightforward, done right, and as painless as possible, yet many service companies sadly do not understand this.

We have been doing this for a long time, and combine our experience with doing a thorough tear down and inspection prior to giving an estimate. Through this process, we are able to bid properly and deliver on time. If something is going to cost serious money to fix, we believe you should know ahead of time rather than dishonestly underestimating in order to get the job.

We wish you all the safety on the road, but make sure you think of us in case an accident happens. We’ll treat you right and get you back up and running smoothly!