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Vehicle Advertising with Wraps

Vehicle Advertising with Wraps
May 13, 2021 TheHoth
vehicle advertising

Vehicle Advertising with Wraps

You’re ready to grow your business, and you want to get your name out there. But what are you going to do to get people to notice you and your brand?

One of the best ways to gain attention is to look the part and promote yourself wherever you go. Mobile advertising can do that for you.

Advertising can consume a big chunk of your budget, so choosing the right type of advertising is crucial. Do you want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Of course!

Vehicle wrap advertising is an impactful and cost-effective way to get your business’ name in front of people. 

In the sections below, we’ll explore the many benefits of vehicle advertising and share what makes a great vehicle wrap. Let’s get started! 


What is Vehicle Advertising? 

Vehicle advertising is a popular marketing technique that involves placing advertisements on a vehicle’s exterior in order to target passersby while parked or on the road. 

Vehicle graphics come in many shapes and sizes, from small decals to full-on vinyl wraps and everything in between. Vehicle advertising can be simple and to the point, or creative and whimsical. The main point is to be noticed – and remembered. 

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Benefits of Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Not only do vehicle wraps look cool and turn heads, they also bring additional benefits beyond just the wow factor.

1. Extremely Cost-Effective

Advertising can get expensive. For example, the monthly cost of a billboard in San Diego ranges from $8,400 to $15,000!

Since many companies can only afford a small advertising budget, vehicle graphics can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising. You can cover a large geographic region that is only limited to how far you drive.

It is estimated that legitimate vehicle wrap advertising costs 4 cents per thousand impressions. That is significantly less than other types of advertising. A newspaper ad, for instance, is around $19.70 per thousand impressions.

The lifespan of your advertising is also much longer. You won’t have to reinvest in your advertising or renew any contracts, as long as you take care of the graphics on your vehicle. The average cost of a vehicle wrap is $3000 – $4000 and it will last you for years. Break that cost down over the number of years you’ll use your car for advertising and your cost, on average, will be less than $500 per year.

2. Reach More People

With most types of print advertising, you choose a placement and your ad is stationary. This rule applies to newspaper and magazine ads, television and radio ads, and billboards.

On the flip side, when you put graphics on your company vehicles, you have a marketing platform that goes wherever you go.

Think of your car as a mobile billboard.

Every opportunity that you have to drive your new brand awareness machine is a chance to expand your reach and catch the eye of a potential customer. People spend a lot of time in their cars. Mobile advertisements produce tens of thousands of impressions every day.

Whether you’re making deliveries, driving to meetings, heading out on service calls, or stopping to get lunch, your vehicle is advertising during each trip. You don’t have to wait for them to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television. They can’t help but notice you as you drive alongside them.

3. Easy to Recall

A brightly colored vehicle wrap will turn some heads. Your car will stand out from the crowd. Drivers and pedestrians alike will take note of a well-designed, colorful vehicle wrap.

Your vehicle wrap advertisement will linger in their minds, and you can set dedicated phone numbers to your vehicle to track ROI.

4. Fewer Restrictions

When using traditional advertising, like billboards, you are renting space from an agency to promote your brand. In addition to price variations, rented ad space often comes with regulations on placement, image and color restrictions, and careful timing.

You don’t have to worry about all that with car advertising. By adorning your vehicle in your brand imagery, you can avoid all of the hassles involved with traditional advertising.

You own the vehicle, so you have a platform that is totally unique to you.

5. It Does Its Job Even When Parked

You don’t have to be driving around constantly to get your brand out there. With clever vehicle wraps, your brand exposure doesn’t stop when you get out of the car. A parked wrapped vehicle will still do the job.

When you’re parked, your fleet of vehicles still handles the heavy lifting of marketing.

Get creative with the parking spots that you choose, so that your brand is visible to as many people as possible.

Consider slipping some business cards or discount deals under your windshield wipers. You never know when a potential client might want to reach out!

As long as you keep the imagery on the vehicle clean, you’ll be presenting your business to everyone who passes by. Whether you are running errands and parking at different stops, or strategically parking your vehicle to get the most looks, your advertising approach is still working for you.

5. Creativity in a Professional, Unique Way

When creating a brand around your business, professionalism is key.

Once you know your market and target audience, you’ve got the ingredients for the start of a brand that resonates with your potential customers.

When you promote your business using eye-catching vehicle graphics, you make your vehicle a unique part of your marketing strategy.

Potential customers will admire your vehicle as a part of your brand and recognize it on sight. 

mobile vehicle advertising


What Makes Great Vehicle Wrap Advertising? 

What separates a great vehicle wrap from an average one? We’ve found a few characteristics that might help you:

1) Know your business. Is it the kind of business that customers need to see and remember frequently? Are your competitors doing it? Are similar industries doing it? If applicable, are there many national, large-scale companies in your line of work that have pursued vehicle wraps?

2) Who’s your target market? Are they the kind of people that would take an action off of a reminder on their way home from work? Is your goal just to build brand awareness, or close a sale? How will your customers respond to both of those messaging angles?

3) Can you track your leads? Using a separate 1-800 number or a landing page is a good way to see if people are actually taking action based on your vehicle graphic.

4) Offer a discount. Including a special offer for customers who mention the vehicle graphic is not only a secondary way to track your leads, but it also serves as a good nudge strategy to get them to take action right away. If a potential customer sees a general offer, they might say to themselves, “I’ll try to remember to call when I get home or to the office in the morning.” But if the deal is sweet enough, they might call right then and there or at least set a reminder in their phone so they don’t forget.

5) Run the numbers. The good news about a wrap is you only pay once, but have ongoing messaging opportunities. Wraps can work well for businesses that have a high lifetime value of a new client or account. After you have your wrap for 6-12 months, you should be able to project the true success of your wrap assuming you are tracking your leads properly with the suggestions above.

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Design Tips for Vehicle Advertising Wraps 

When it comes to the actual design of the vehicle advertising, there are some important things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the design and color scheme should be consistent with your brand and other types of advertising. It’s important to include your logo in order to build brand recognition and awareness. 

You can’t read a paragraph of text on the side of a moving vehicle, so do your best to keep the word count to a minimum. For any text you do include, make sure the font is bold, legible, and easy to read from afar. 

vehicle advertising wraps

Need Help With Vehicle Advertising in Portland, Oregon? 

Here at Pacific Truck Colors in Portland, our Vehicle Graphics Department specializes in custom-made vehicle graphics, including simple door logos, decals, full-coverage car wraps, and even van and truck wraps. We can help with every step of the vehicle advertising process, from design to installation. We use only the best performance media to give you a great return on your investment. 

Don’t waste another commute… Request your vehicle advertising quote today!