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Our 5 Favorite Truck Body Styles

Our 5 Favorite Truck Body Styles
December 5, 2019 TheHoth
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Our 5 Favorite Truck Body Styles

Determining which truck body style is best for you is a big decision; investing in the perfect truck body can maximize the versatility, efficiency and productivity of your business. As a quick Google search will reveal, there are countless truck body styles to choose from, but which is best suited to your industry and type of work? This article will outline a few of the most popular truck body styles to help point you in the right direction.


Introduction to Truck Body Styles

There are so many truck body styles to choose from, and the ones listed below are just a few of our favorites. Keep in mind, though these are more basic styles, there are endless options for truck customization and accessorization to amplify storage or functionality and ensure your truck is ready to meet all the needs of your business.


Top 5 Quality Truck Body Styles

Flatbed or Platform Body: Flatbeds are perhaps the most simple truck body, and therefore very versatile. Flatbed bodies typically comprise of a chassis, a flat bed or platform, and some accessories to tie down and secure material. Flatbeds make a great blank slate for a custom service body.

Enclosed Service Van Body: Enclosed service bodies transform your van or truck into a convenient, mobile workstation. They typically feature plenty of secure storage space for tools and equipment to make sure everything you need while working is at your fingertips. These bodies are great for mechanics, plumbers or anyone who needs more space to get work done on-site.

Contractor Body: Storage, storage, storage! With a spacious bed for larger items and ample storage compartments across the side and back of the truck, contractor bodies are a very popular choice across a wide range of industries. They also present many options for customization.

Dump Body:  Dump trucks are  widely used across many industries, from landscaping, to mining, to demolition, with the vast majority of the market share (72.48%) contributed to the building and construction industry. Dump bodies are extremely heavy-duty and sturdy, able to haul and dump large quantities of loose material that could be damaging to other truck bodies.

Crane Body: Cranes can be attached to many types of truck bodies to make them even more versatile. Upgrades like cranes can improve your return on investment and increase the resale value of your truck. Increasing investments in power transmission and distribution networks is one key factor driving the market for crane body trucks.

Truck Body Styles: Final Thoughts

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the best truck body style. That’s why we offer not only various trucks with different body styles, but thousands of quality parts and accessories from the most trusted brands at competitive prices to upfit your truck or fleet of trucks. Our Custom Truck Equipment Sales and Installation Department is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and we take pride in tailoring all kinds of truck bodies to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. Contact us today for a free quote to explore your vehicle and customization options!