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The Grass is Greener with Landscape Truck Bodies

The Grass is Greener with Landscape Truck Bodies
December 12, 2019 TheHoth
landscape truck bodies

The Grass is Greener with Landscape Truck Bodies

Landscaping, lawn maintenance and arborist businesses have so much to gain from specialized, upfitted trucks. In the last year, 24% of landscaping companies brought in $1,000,000 or more in revenue. With so much opportunity in the industry, a customized truck upfitted to suit all your specific needs is a great way to increase your business’ efficiency, productivity and revenue. This article outlines the core features of landscape truck bodies and many ideas for customization.


Introducing Landscape Truck Bodies

Landscape truck bodies are designed to safely and securely transport all the bulk material, tools and equipment you’ll need in one convenient set-up and handle a wide range of tough jobs. Landscape truck bodies are characterized by the following common features:

  • Tall solid side panels for storing bulk material
  • Wide side access door for easy loading and unloading
  • Swing out rear doors to easily access cargo
  • A hydraulic hoist for convenient dumping

The additional landscape truck body features you’ll find below will take your truck to the next level and keep you a step ahead of your competition.


Lawn Mower Ramps

You can add versatility to your landscaping business and tackle lawn maintenance jobs with ease by adding a lawn mower ramp to your truck. When choosing a lawn mower ramp, you’ll need to consider the weight capacity as well as the weight of the ramp itself. Ramps are typically made from either aluminum, steel or polymer (plastic), each with their own benefits. Many lawn mower ramps are collapsible or foldable, making them easy to transport and store.


Landscape Truck Bed Options

Truck customization for landscape beds and bodies will add even more functionality and efficiency to your business. Below are a few great accessories and additions to consider:

  • Tarp cleats: Added on to the top of the truck body to store and place your tarp for easy and convenient use. Many states actually legally require trucks to secure their loads with tarps.
  • Metering chutes: Allow you to perform controlled dumps of the material you’re hauling. Great for those using wheelbarrows to get material to and from their truck and work site.
  • Storage packs or underbody toolboxes: Provide space to securely store your landscaping tools and equipment.
  • Trailer hitch: Allow you to haul mowers, blowers or other large equipment in a trailer behind your truck.
  • More options: platform hoists for dumping, landscape racks for retaining material on a flatbed or platform body truck, stake racks, tie-downs, snow plows or spreaders, cap protectors… the list goes on and on!

Landscape Truck Bodies for a Profitable, Efficient Business

Of course, there are plenty more possibilities and opportunities for your landscaping business to explore. We highly recommend that you consult with a full-service custom truck shop like Pacific Truck Colors to more thoroughly understand your landscape truck body options and make the most of them. To get started, reach out to our expert team of truck-enthusiasts and request your free quote today. We take pride in helping landscaping businesses, small and large, succeed with the perfect truck set-up and look forward to working with you!