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Know Your Options: Service Body Crane

Know Your Options: Service Body Crane
December 31, 2019 TheHoth
service body crane

Know Your Options: Service Body Crane

Across the world, the rise in new construction, renovation and mining activities is contributing to an increasingly widespread demand for cranes and truck customization. Upfitting your truck with a crane enables you to take on a wide range of heavy lifting tasks, making your business more versatile and productive.


Introduction to Service Body Crane Trucks

There are many different types of cranes to consider. To narrow down the search, the two main questions you need to ask are:

  1. How often will you be using a crane?
  2. What will you be lifting and how much lift capacity do you need a crane to have?


Truck Bed Crane Options

There are three main types of cranes to consider: Electric, hydraulic, or articulating (“knuckleboom”).

    • Electric Cranes: Electric cranes are more affordable and lighter-duty. This is a good option if your business has limited lifting applications. Electric cranes have lower lifting capacity, typically no greater than 6,000-lb gross lifting capacity. On the plus side, electric cranes can operate without your truck engine running.
    • Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes: If your lifting needs are going to exceed 6,000 pounds, you’ll need to invest in a more heavy-duty hydraulic crane. This is the most common choice for mechanics due to the greater range of lift and reach capacity. The maximum lift capacity for hydraulic cranes is 14,000 pounds.
    • Articulating Cranes: If your business requires heavy-duty lifting (over 14,000 pounds), you may need an articulating or “knuckle boom” crane. An articulating crane appears similar to a standard crane, except that the boom articulates at the ‘knuckle’ near the middle, allowing swift back and forth movement of a heavy load. There are even more size options available with this type of crane.



Service Body Crane vs. Crane Truck

Another key consideration is whether you want the crane to be the main feature and function of the truck, or just an accessory to upfit a service truck.

    • Crane Trucks: Crane body trucks are built around the crane, so they tend to be better suited for heavy-duty crane work. If the majority of business revolves around heavy lifting, a truck with a crane body is probably worth the investment and commitment.
    • Service Body Crane: If lifting is only one of your many types of work, and you don’t require as much lifting capacity, you may prefer a service truck with a crane mounted on top. A crane can be mounted on many types of truck bodies. This option allows for greater flexibility in your work and leaves room for other types of storage or functions. There are also plenty of options for customization available. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if cranes aren’t properly mounted or if their lifting capacity is breached, service bodies can give under the pressure, resulting in serious accidents.


Final Thoughts

The type of crane you choose will impact both the productivity and safety of your business. Selecting the best crane is a decision that requires careful planning and consideration, so it’s best to consult with a professional truck outfitting company to thoroughly explore your needs and options. At Pacific Truck Colors, we offer a wide selection of crane bodies and mounted cranes to suit almost any business’ needs. To learn more, request a free quote today!