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Buying & Installing a Contractor Truck Topper

Buying & Installing a Contractor Truck Topper
January 16, 2020 TheHoth
contractor truck topper

Buying & Installing a Contractor Truck Topper

The United States is one of the largest construction markets around the world, and the industry is expected to continue its positive growth trend – based on these projections, it’s looking like construction contractors are going to stay busy! To capitalize on the opportunity for growth, it’s a good idea to make sure your contracting business has the best truck and equipment set up possible, and a contractor truck topper or truck cap is one essential piece of the overall puzzle.


Contractor Truck Topper Options

Commercial truck toppers or caps are a key truck accessory for many contractors. Truck caps add a protective covering to a truck, transforming the open truck bed into an enclosed body. The enclosed body makes for a great place to store, organize and easily access all the tools and equipment a contractor might need while on the job.

There are so many options to consider when selecting a commercial truck topper or cap for your contracting business. Below are a few key differences to consider:

  • Truck Topper Material: Truck toppers or caps come in steel, aluminum or fiberglass material. Steel is considered more heavy-duty than aluminum, but is also much heavier. Aluminum and fiberglass are more lightweight options, though they tend to be more expensive. Fiberglass is considered the strongest available construction material on an equal-weight basis, however it is non-degradable and cannot be recycled as easily as aluminum, making it a less eco-friendly material.
  • Topper Door Placement: It’s important to consider how you want to access your tools and equipment and what door placement will be most convenient. You can choose between a lift-up rear door and vertical “barn-style” doors. Many toppers or caps also have lift-up side doors so you can more easily reach tools in the back of the bed or on the sides.
  • Truck Topper Height: There are a wide range of truck topper heights to choose from. Some are high enough that you can stand in the truck bed and use the enclosed cab as a mobile workstation!
  • Convenience: Some tuck caps are more easily installed and removable than others, so consider if you want the topper on permanently or just for some jobs.


Utilizing Your Truck Bed 

Adding a commercial truck topper to your truck bed will increase the versatility of your truck and is a more affordable option than investing in a full service body truck, with some similar benefits. As mentioned above, you can either use the enclosed truck bed to safely and securely store and organize your tools and equipment and protect them from the elements, or even create a mobile workstation so that you can work in an enclosed space while on the job. Overall, a truck topper can improve the organization and efficiency of your work with added storage compartments and racks that can easily store and transport everything you need for your contracting work.


Other Custom Truck Bed Options

There are plenty of options for truck customization to consider in addition to a commercial truck topper. Below are just a few ideas:

  • Custom drawer units, storage boxes or exterior side compartments for extra storage and improved organization.
  • Roof racks to maximize on space and easily transport ladders and other large equipment.
  • Custom door and window placement to more easily access the tools and equipment you use regularly.
  • LED lighting to light up your workstation and keep you safe and productive, day or night.


A Contractor Truck Topper to Move Your Business Forward

As you can see, truck toppers or caps can completely transform your truck and take your setup to the next level, improving the efficiency and productivity of your contracting business. To further explore your options for truck accessories and truck customization, contact our expert team at Pacific Truck Colors for a free quote today!