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3 Great Vans For Custom Van Interiors

3 Great Vans For Custom Van Interiors
May 7, 2017 TheHoth
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Vehicles. Whether we are talking about a sports car, a Cabrio, or a van, you know how important they are to your daily life and how much time all of us spend in them. According to the AAA Foundation, Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. That’s right. 17,600 minutes. Or 293 hours. Or 12.2 days. All of them driving.

If you are a vans fanatic you already know where this post is going. Yes, we are going to be talking about van interiors. Furthermore, we are going to be talking about three vans for custom van interiors.

How Did Customized Van Interiors Become Popular?

It is honestly remarkable what some creativity and a couple of square feet can do. After the mid-80s, luxurious and inspired van interiors began to appear as a great accommodation solution for a family weekend getaway. The trend kept gaining popularity, and a nomadic way of living was being established.

Professionals also saw the potential in customized van interiors and, for some people, it slowly became a necessity. Today, the rising DIY and remodeling trend have turned regular vans into creative, living and working spaces.

Here are three amazing vans to work your remodeling magic on. Make sure you get some inspiration too just by taking a look at this post here.

1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

It is true that the Sprinter is a real handyman. A variety of body styles and two powertrain alternatives available will make this Mercedes-Benz king the best friend you will not want to leave behind. That’s why you need to customize the interior and spend more time with this champion.

In three different roof heights and three different lengths, the Sprinter is made for being customized both for personal and professional use. Either you want to use your van as your accommodation for your weekend getaway or as your professional storage room, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Plus, the Sprinter is one of the safest options out there with features like crosswind stabilization and collision prevention.

2. 2017 Ford Transit

The new Ford Transit is a tech freak. Moreover, it is an innovative vehicle, both under the hood and in the driver’s seat, ready to help dedicated and sophisticated drivers. Ford Transit also comes in different lengths and roof heights –six different alternative solutions– and it is fully adaptable to match any driver’s needs.

Also, sophisticated drivers will be happy to know that Transit’s engine choices include a 310-hp twin-tur of V-6, include a 275-hp V-6, or an 185-hp turbo-diesel inline-five with 350 lb-ft of torque.

3. Nissan NV200

We have to be honest. There are people out there who either love or hate this Nissan minivan. Some professionals find it too small for their needs while others find it one of the most convenient solutions out there for the hard-working men and women.

The NV200 is agiler and significantly less costly than bigger, fancy vans on the market. While at the same time, its 1500-pound capacity and modern design make it perfect for your custom design needs.

Last but not least, Nissan NV200 is the safe ride a driver needs. As a matter of fact, back in 2012, our little friend was chosen as New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow which can only mean one thing: NV200 is safe! And safety comes first!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you already have the van of your dreams or not, click here to request a quote. We’d be more than happy to help!